Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow in Canyon, Arabesque, Light dusting of snow! Illuminates World

Snow's Arabesque in Canyon at Day Rise

Light dusting of snow! in Canyon, before daylight has risen. Cloud hovers in the redwood valley. It's a beautiful, illuminated world in the dark.

Snow on green leafs - soft view to west. Sky is gray and bed is warm. Snow on oak tree to east is vivid beautiful dark-light contrast. Rain on the roof.

O my goodness - arabesqued, infinite white caps on green forested valley before eliciting the relaxation response cloud atop ridge.

First ridge to east is a Scottish moor with snow. Second ridge with green growth has snow contrasted. Third rippling mountain ridge is not there ~ in clouds.

Canyon kids walk through this unfamiliar snowy world. Arabesque ridge has become subtle - snow melting quickly - change is afoot.

Redwood ridge is back in nuanced sight. Redwoods carry no snow, trees in between - arabesque, shimmery bubbles of green white. Cloud intermingles in rich, fluid movement.

Light show with landscape - pretty wild and beautiful - is here on the ridge in Canyon, California, these mornings.

Sun just came out for the first time. Redwood ridge is illuminated green & golden, ~ light clouds are drifting through. Variety & color emerge - green greetings.

Snow is on the ground - unusual for Canyon - still. It's beautiful. Working on my book ...

( - December 7, 2009)

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