Monday, December 14, 2009

Valley Dayrise: Tuning to the Valley, A Musical Sunrise Which Rocks with Sound & Light

In the evening:

hard to fathom the shades and hues of dark and light over the dark, obscured mountains to the east, but fun to observe them as they change.

In the morning:

treo (handheld telephone and internet device) as a musical instrument? redwood valley in a cloud - big & obscuring - percussive treo keys here with Grateful Dead as musical score ... dancing.

redwood ridge valley is showing light & whipple-mus clouds, around little ridge in-between ... waxing neurophysiology - amazing valley.

Tuning-to valley - big, thin cloud grows, lightness dims - ongoing developments of clouds, light, valley, redwood forest & blue sky - the valley is 'showing.'

Grateful Dead - Fillmore 1969 - Dark Star ... is traveling ... now .. o my ... listen closely, relaxedly - to life - cloud striations on the redwoods.

like a blanket but ephemeral ... cloud rises up over ridge & fills in ... can't see trees ... nature in the change ... ecological beauty - 3.5 billion years of life - valley is gone - little in-between ridge remains ... love that is positively trippy - communitas - let's grow it.

for a moment, one tree, like a tam, was jauntily visible on the little in-between ridge in thick cloud totally obscuring valley.

so much change and movement ... close my eyes and after image of tree line sawtooth remains ... valley totally obscure except for hint of high ridgeline

now little in-between ridgeline is visible - iguana's back - or is it a cloud dragon? one tree below stands out in cloud & ridge line above, under hint blue sky - very California 'taoist' landscapes, or {friendly hippie?}

I look away, then back & lots of tree tops are there in soft white clouds - can I go dance in them? Pretty valley. Son et lumiere - the Dead & valley - Grateful Dead and Canyon's redwood valley :)

and out to the east, the mountains in the distance have appeared as the day grows and the deep cloud moved on - a light mist hangs over the 1st 'moor.'

Grateful Dead - Cosmic Charlie 3/1/69 w/Band Pictures

( - December 14, 2009)

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