Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cassia alata: Teaching Ideas with Music as Flow, Northern California wisdom tradition? Neurophysiology as Consciousness

Teaching fascinating ideas in "Information Technology and Society" today in Second Life on Harvard's virtual island today, as I was listening to the 'Friends of Old Puppy' music at Nabaloms Bakery Collective in Berkeley, lead to great 'flow: the psychology of optimal experience' experiences, akin to music. This is how I'd like life to be, and also a kind of focus for me. How might people get to this kind of 'flow' when and as they want it.


Wholeness of the body as a biological system which we don't fully understand yet as bodymind - input/output system like computer - Examples of wholeness? How to conceive of wholeness?


Some Harbin scenes:

And then I saw a long hair man drive by near the meadow building - a visitor - with a grateful dead sticker on his bumper. There are a lot of long hair folks who visit Harbin.

At Harbin maintenance men ride in pickups, and this in a county - Lake County is ranching country - where many men ride in pickups and do worky work (Monty Python-esque). Just saw someone who could be from a SE Asia country (Thailand?) ride by in Harbin maintenance vehicle.

To provide some perspective on Harbin today: I told some folks about world university and school in the Harbin Stonefront Lodge library yesterday. One person, a relatively new Harbin resident, had just awoke from a nap, and was lying on one of the two inner window seats. Another woman, a visitor from surrounding Lake County, said she would tell her kids about WUaS.


Harbin is the emergence of a village; there's a large literature on villages in anthropology, but is there a literature on emerging villages, since this Harbin starts in 1972, in many ways (although Harbin has been a Hot Springs for visitors for centuries)?


There are so many teachers at Harbin. Is there a production of a kind of northern California wisdom tradition cum Harbin openness?


Culture: Inference to other people's minds in the empathy sympathy primate creativity process?


In many ways neurophysiology - and with MDMA-ecstasy experiences as an example - may be what many writers, hippies, folks in the 1960s, Hindus, and New England Transcendentalists refer to as 'consciousness.'

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