Monday, February 15, 2010

Dew: Soaking in the Harbin warm pool as coming home to relaxation response, Skippering a small sail boat as human agency, Illuminated Berkeley evening

Soaking in the Harbin warm pool at body temperature is coming home to deep relaxation response, with ease. Out of the warm pool, in the city, there's a disjunction which isn't as easy, although body temperature is 'inside' - simply no pools to move into, toward ease ... anthropological observation & into the pools, soon.


Skippering a small sail boat is a great metaphor for human agency - sailing with the winds, fair and heavy, going under deck & ashore in storms, navigating with charts ...

Harbin ethnography chapters & World University & School wiki are my current waters, with warm pools ... Now to make for point after point at sea and on land ... & with the eliciting the sunny weather of the neurophysiology of loving bliss along the way ... ready about ...


Here's Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit - Live at the Fillmore East 1968 -


Welcome Home, Rainbow Family:


Illuminated Berkeley evening ... cherry trees are blooming & the air is soft ... Berkeley Bowl is so diverse w lots of folks in ... age-old market scene ... raga is playing ...

just picked & ate a fresh grapefruit growing on a tree hanging over the sidewalk in someone's yard in a quiet neighborhood & and the pinks and purples of this sunset are magnificent and changing by the minute

flowers are blooming in profusion this day

( - February 15, 2010)

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