Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sea Valley Wall: Harbin Spatiality and Scale, Comparison, Actually and Virtually

Harbin ethnography:

... ideas conversation-generating at the same time.

“Actual/Virtual Harbin Hot Springs' Ethnography” examines the on-the-ground and interactive, digitally-generated Harbin, drawing on fieldwork which I began, in many ways, while a resident at Harbin in 2005, through today. I first went to Harbin in around 1993, so I haven't been able to contact many people who were there in the 1970s, let alone in the 1960s. And my virtual Harbin has been through a variety of constructive iterations, but my building of the current one, as well as field work will begin in 2010. Spatial comparison involves a number of complications. Actual Harbin Hot Spring's scale is just right for many people, and is somehow pleasing in a aesthetic/spatiotemporal sense of human scale. The whole Harbin Valley is just right not-too-big and just right not-too-small from an human experience sense; it's pleasing to be at Harbin, to look around across the valley at the ridges and it's enjoyable to walk to the top of the Harbin Valley in about an hour, and all over the property.

Virtual worlds have unique perspectives and proportions. ...

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