Monday, February 8, 2010

Lotus Buds: What would 'meeting for blissing' look like?, 2 hour form?, Raga as metaphor

What would 'meeting for blissing' {or, especially, 'meeting for loving bliss' neurophysiology} look like?

What might be its 2 hour form - like chamber music performance as analory, or raga performance (ragas are improvised)?

Face-joy improv?

What 'practices?'


If raga is the form as a metaphor, what are the skills of loving bliss 'musicianship,' akin to sitar playing, tabla playing ... so we might begin to give forms to improvisation with highly trained musicians vis-a-vis loving bliss?

Learning how to play ragas is originally an oral tradition, although I suspect that some musicians now learn these instruments using sheet music with notation.

What would the parallel music, and oral tradition, for loving bliss improvisation be?

( - February 8, 2010)

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