Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Illuminated Star Cloud: The dance or the pools? First the dance then the pools

The dance or the pools?

First the dance then the pools.
Long haired folks with
flowing clothes - wild and free.
What a shift -
from the city.

Listen first,
hear the rhythm,
dance a little,
cool, - then away.
Up to the pools,
past the Temple
with its white and
colored lights.

(A woman at the dance
is topless.
She starts to make out with
her friend on the pillows).
How glorious.

And Harbin's evening
illumination is all around.
So soft, - and
so nice to be back ...
Rainbow Gathering? ...
The moon is out,
the garden grasses
are high, and
the air is

I walk up and
there inside
Stonefront lodge,
I see her feet,
for she is lying
on her back
on a sofa, reading.

Past the Gazebo,
under the starlight,
I walk farther
up the way
past Redwood lodge
under the sun deck, and
into the pool area.
Welcome home.
It's dark.

I go into a bathroom,
shut the door,
and write some more -
this here now.

To the warm pool now,
leaving my clothes
on the benches
under the grape arbor.
To the pools.
in ease under,
holding my ears,
float ...
Then to the shelf at one end,
and into lotus pose,
now relaxation response, MMmmm.

Inside, I go deeper -
she's pretty -
then out of the warmth
and into the hot pool.

In the dark,
the candle -
in its holder with holes
that illuminate
a heart image in metal -
looks like a golden brooch
on the neck of the
woman's bust
with flowers in her hair
above the whale spout.

The hot pool is
so beautiful
illuminated by candles
in many ways,
and steam,
in the night,

And there a woman
sits on
the dolphin railing stairs,
receiving the heat
of this earth's energy.

Out of the pool,
I head to shower,
skipping the
cold plunge,
and walk through
the dark pool area,
cement under foot -
it's joy to be walking
naked here -
to the new little deck
at the far end
of the pool area.
No one is around -
Stars -
then back,
put on my clothes
walk down through
Harbin again,
into the garden,
and past the temple

and to bed.

( - May 19, 2010)

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