Thursday, May 27, 2010

Red Freesias: Arriving to Harbin in the mist and rain

Arriving to Harbin
in the mist
and rain,

after an amazing
flax seed oil
omega fatty acids'
through the
moist, wet, alive
Napa Valley,
listening to the Dead,

I walk up
past the temple
with the dance,
up through the
wet, dark, verdant garden
and ascend the steps
of Stonefront Lodge.

Walking down past me,
he asks "Are they
dancing down there?"
Nice words :)
Yea, they're dancing,
dancing, dancing
in the temple.

I walk up farther past
the Health Services'
Massage Office and into the
pool area dressing room.
Five women are naked,
here changing,
with no men around right now.
And there's a sculptor I know
who has made
beautiful art
at Harbin.
Oh, and now she in the
dressing room is very pregnant.

Into the waters -
the warm pool
releases so profoundly -
and lovely oneness comes.
I sit in lotus
on the shelf
at the end of the pool
and release,
and release,
into the now~
Home again.

Rain drops
in the pool
form spider webs.
Rain drops
on our heads
bring weather home.
Wet from above,
and the warm
water is all around …

such a fluid world.

Out of the pools,
I walk down to bed.

In the morning,
I awake with money

Arising early
on a quiet damp
mid-week morn,
I head into
the empty temple
to explore
the relaxation response.
It's warm and welcoming,
and I sit -
relaxation response
MMmmm. :)

This ocher floor
is a cosmos -
with red galaxies
and brown cloud formations, -
native American earth
in Harbin temple.

( - May 27, 2010)

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