Monday, May 10, 2010

Mt. Evans Wilderness: a green leaf oxygen rich spring stepping world, Complex Languages' Page - Multiple Univs & Universal Tranlator, Virtual Choir

It's a green leaf oxygen rich spring stepping world.


Is World University and School Harvard in the 1650s, or Stanford or Berkeley in the 1890s?

How can we make this so?


'iPhone as Musical Instrument,' 'Energy Technologies' & 'Languages' are growing at

'iPhone as Musical Instrument,'

'Energy Technologies'


World University and School's Languages may become a complex page, because it will link to multiple universities and schools, as well as a Universal Translator, building on Google Translate, etc., and all wiki ... Invitation to help explore this ...


Let's build on Virtual Choir and develop a singing group at World University and School through the wiki -, so that people can sing together from home, through computers. Check out the virtual Choir page already here, and how it works.

( - May 10, 2010)

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