Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sweet Birch: Questions of Determinism on the nontheist Friends' Email List, John Money's 'Concepts of Determinism'

Nontheist Friends:

May I add to this conversation with John Money's "Concepts of Determinism" to which I've referred before.

"Concepts of Determinism" (Money 1988: 114-118):

And here:

Rather than a kind of "Oxford Companion to Philosophy," or 'traditional,' approach to very old philosophical questions of determinism and free will, or agency, I prefer to engage these Money-ian evolutionary biology and human-centric approaches to 'determinism,' influenced by all the generations of life that precede us, back to the beginning of life. Emerging from his sexological research, he suggests these "Concepts of Determinism" -




ycleptance and


with these coping strategies -

adhibition (engaging),

inhibition and

explication -

are transcultural, transhistorical and universal.

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