Monday, September 27, 2010

Highland Tropical Pitcher Plant: Online linguistic expressions of virtual Harbin, Oneness of Harbin as place

Harbin ethnography:

... Yahoo groups, Harbin mailing lists, the School of Shiatsu and Massage Mailing List (SSM), Harbin Hot Springs' groups on Facebook, some made officially by Harbin and others made by visitors ...

While many of these forms of online communication are linguistic expressions of virtual Harbin, they all return, in some ways, to the oneness of Harbin place, where they have been inspired, or from which they somehow emerge. Multiple possibilities and forms of communication emerge with digital technologies, but key aspects of Harbin's 'language' are informed by the spiritual, astrological, New Age expressions of 'oneness,' loosely drawn from Sanskrit, Hindu, eastern, and all-over-the-map traditions and articulated by hippies, particularly on the ground at actual Harbin, but also emergently in these digital communications. Harbin's creative contributions to this 'language' include the new water movement, healing and dance form “Watsu” (water shiatsu) and many related water movement forms, all with names (Tantsu, Water Damce … ), and their own rich languages, besides many other novel Harbin innovations in art and buildings. But I trip out, ethnographically, when I hear some Harbin residents talk about the New Age. It can be really wild, and soar to new, unriffed, spiritual, linguistic jams. Heartsong's language … But a lot is all one at Harbin, spiritually.

While spiritual, innovative, novelistic, experimental, science fiction, and exploratory thinking can all seem like fantasy, their rich creativenesses in the context of Harbin's New Age spirituality, open codes, both for navigating the freedoms of Harbin, as well as enjoying what's here – in the now. ....

( - September 27, 2010)

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