Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oceans: Raga playing, not improvisationally peaking yet & then it eases, What series of tones!, Concert for Bangladesh, Global Warming & Rising Oceans

Raga playing - Ravi playing - in the beginning - isn't improvisationally peaking yet - and then it eases - what series of tones! - - jam with? teach, learn?

‎'Three Ragas' (1957) is great :) ... they soar ... and well before Monterey - Ravi Shankar is still playing - and also before Concert for Bangladesh ...

How can we grow compassion in the world?

World University & School's Peace and Social Justice Studies' subject

( ...

is one way.


Ravi is not just still playing. He is still amazing among players! I saw him recently on the same stage as his daughter, Anushka. Incredible!


Great :) ... would like to focus another Concert for Bangladesh vis-a-vis rising oceans due to global warming, where Bangladesh with its huge numbers of people on very low land, will again suffer the most ... see Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' ... how to change a world economy running on fossil fuels ....'s Ocean and Climate Change Plan is one approach ... and another concert ?

Revkin, Andrew. 2010. [ Climate Responses: Primal Easy, Ethical Hard]. September 29. New York, NY: The New York Times.


George Harrison, Ravi Shankar et al. -

Ringo Starr - The Concert For Bangladesh - It Don't Come Easy [HD]

Ravi Shankar PT 2 Madison Square Gardens Aug, 1971

( - September 30, 2010)

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