Monday, September 13, 2010

Skunk Cabbage: MIND-TURNING solar innovations, Singing Walking Bass Lines - Want to teach?, Wisest Children's Lit?, Country-Singing Economics

I added Heliotrope (solar building) to World University and School's editable 'Solar Energy' subject page.

The Solar Car and Solar Roadway here are also pretty cool:)

What other MIND-TURNING solar innovations would you add?

And what might you teach about solar (for example, to your web camera or other ways)?


Singing Walking Bass Lines - Want to teach how to do this? has this subject

( ...

Innovate on how to teach or learn this ...

Singing bass lines - harmony of all kinds - is wonderful.

Let's make this easy by teaching & learning about it (to your web cam, or in a virtual world:) at World Univ & Sch :)

These are in the buds of World University's Music School :)

and to sing from home with others all over the world will be fun :)

as will be singing with creative computing developments ...

Check out, too, the Virtual Choir subject at World Univ & Sch:


What are your favorite, WISEST, Kid's books? Add them + to World Univ & Sch's Children's Literature & Wisdom subject -

Join the conversation -

Teach, for example, by reading a story to your web camera ...

and finding the pleasure in wise kid's stories :)


Vis-a-vis The New Yorker audiocast & WUaS below, check out economist Merle Hazard's " Double Dippin' " (2 mins.) - he country sings economics :) - at the open, free, editable World Univ & Sch's Economics' subject WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, Berkeley Webcast, facilitating people-to-people teaching. There's so much at WUaS already.

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