Tuesday, September 21, 2010

White Pine Lake: Coming into conversation with Thoreau about loving bliss eliciting online

Coming into conversation with Henry David Thoreau about loving bliss eliciting in relation to online media ...

How might this work?

And so as to explore related processes / models for learning and loving bliss eliciting, to transform one's own neurophysiology?

And easily?

How might this work?

I find in reading online excerpts from his journal, posted daily (http://hdt.typepad.com/), I sometimes in recent months add one of the many, many plant species he mentions. Occasionally his writing moves beyond the descriptive, and then it's engaging for me in terms of coming into conversation about loving bliss eliciting, but only then.

How to come into elicit loving bliss while reading Thoreau, more, even most, fulsomely?

And coming into conversation with music about online loving bliss eliciting, in a similar way?

It's easier, in my experience, but not always richly resoundingly, or when I want it.

I'm curious to find out how to elicit this neurochemistry, like a bow stroke on a cello can elicit bliss.

And with friends? :)


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