Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wild Apple: Visiting North Beach, San Francisco, in 2010, Beats & Hippies, 'The Love Book,' Grateful Dead 1966 and on the Internet Archive

North Beach, San Francisco - lots of people on the street talking to each other ... cafe life. Air is soft, temperate ... feels Mediterranean.

... pass by the Beat Museum (and gift shop) ... A guide there is saying 'Hippies were right,' 'spiritual,' 'had empathy for others' ... Kerouac's "On the Road ..."

City Lights bookstore is down the road, as is the Green Tortoise hostel. Beats & hippies wrote a lot ... Brautigan's (!!!) "In Watermelon Sugar" ... Art is

... smell pot (marijuana) at the corner of Broadway & Kearney. City Lights Booksellers & Publishers is open at 9:35 pm on a Saturday ... Via Ferlinghetti sign

World Univ & Sch seeks well-motivated students for matriculating classes in 2014 - people who read with relish, think with love

The sign in City Light's Booksellers says 'Have a Seat - Read a Book' - so I'm tweeting (twitter). Drumming on the street outside: 'Don't Give Up' song ...

In City Lights, I'm reading, now in the rocking Poet's Chair, The Love Book - Tibetan script - by Leonore Kandel - In 1966, this book, it says ~ the cops came and closed down The Psychedelic Shop in the Haight, as well as City Lights - too hot (sexy, - as well as a beautiful, exuberant celebration, in words, of fucking - "To Fuck with Love" was the title of one poem in this thin volume) ... glad City Lights is selling this now$love-book-press-conference.jpg

Good drumming goes on on the street outside ... I put down 'The Love Book' and pick up Bob Hass's new book of poetry "The Apple Trees at Olema" - heard him read at Berkeley (where he's also a professor of poetry) recently :)

North Beach is really commercial these day shops everywhere ...

... went to hear Jeff Zittrain (his lead guitar rocks) and the Flaming Telepaths at Giordanos Bros. (with its Pittsburgh decor). Zittrain rocks


just returning from Harbin earlier in the day


Grateful Dead - RARE Cold Rain & Snow (1966)


And here are the Dead from 1967 at the Internet Webarchive:

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