Friday, September 10, 2010

Paradise Bird: How to normalize bliss practices in the same way that seeing a medical doctor, listening to chamber music, or singing, is normalized?

How to normalize bliss practices in the same way, say, that going to see a medical doctor in the Kaiser Health Care system (in California), is normalized, singing, or going to a chamber music concert, or to hear the Grateful Dead, or to school or university, or to Harbin Hot Springs, or to unprogrammed Quaker Meeting?

All have been societally normalized, accepted, legitimized, and can be financially successful.

How to innovate practices, especially in a secular sense, is part of the question. Chamber music, and the Dead, are both innovations, by way of comparison.

Here's one beginning:


And here's World University and School's 'Loving Bliss Eliciting' subject page, for open idea exchange:


And here's the Loving Bliss category in this blog:

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