Monday, September 6, 2010

Kalmia angustifolia: Actual Harbin's histories richly inform explorations of the concept of virtuality because place matters

Harbin ethnography:

... What will emerge and develop vis-a-vis virtual Harbin both follows and is to be seen.


While the above, personal Harbin histories extend ways I explore the concept of virtual vis-a-vis virtual Harbin Hot Springs in this ethnography, actual Harbin histories richly inform these explorations of the concept of virtuality because place matters; the Harbin valley, and its pool area and especially its warm pool and other pools are central to, and intertwined with, emergent (Fischer 2004), virtual Harbin. Without actual Harbin, virtual Harbin wouldn't have begun to emerge. And while “place is the first of all beings, since everything that exists is in a place and cannot exist without a place” (Archytas, commentary on Aristotle’s 'Categories'), the Harbin Hot Springs' valley and the Harbin waters, in northern California - these experiences of Harbin as place, emergent from the 1960s and written ethnographically – are the first context from which Harbin histories emerge new. Brief histories of Harbin 'place,' as its waters, with their effects, follow.

As actual histories of the Harbin warm pool, here are some notes from my field notes, that bring into focus some of the fascinating aspects of the Harbin Pools that I'll explore in this ethnography. ...

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