Thursday, June 2, 2011

Canal-du-midi, France: Going beyond MIT OCW, its Media Lab, and Reed College, Academics, Happiness, and even Flourishing? Virtual TEXT, Counterculture

In what ways might it be possible to go beyond MIT OCW

(over 2,050 courses - & Media Lab, etc.)

and Reed College

(critical thinking, undergraduate teaching excellence, Hum 110, distribution reqs., junior qualifying exams, thesis for everyone)

in terms of Happiness & even Bliss

via Wiki ... ... Study ...

‎... Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, Cambridge, and so many more,

undergraduates who flourish / thrive sublimely for 4 years,

in 32 15 week courses? :)

Papers/Studies about this?

... and share this process with everyone ...

I hypothesize that some flourishing undergraduate overachieving

(at a H.Y.P.M.S.C. and so many more great universities)

has to do with their qualities of focus in critical thinking ...

and that this emerges from their families ...

.. in the mileu of their families, as a conversation ...

Thoughts about Happiness in Learning?

Studies, with implications for everyone ? ...

How do kids flourish in learning environs or with critical thinking?

A great relationship with 'the text'?

To find 'flow' with 'the text,'

you have to animate it,

or virtualize it,

in your bodymind ('active reading').

... what are some of the best ways for kids to find their ways to this naturally, accurately and easily? ...

'animated flow/focus' ... ...

Beings Enjoying Life subject? :)


Beyond the beneficial movement and well-being,

in what ways is it possible to engage yoga for secular, bodymind, bliss neurophysiology ... ? ...

haven't come across too many books about, or practices for, this interesting question and related possibilities .... :)

I find a kind of alternative freedom from cultural processes in yoga.

The movement, and well-being, frees one up from all kinds of stresses that might,

and do,

emerge from sociocultural processes,

especially in modernities ...

how to "yoga- (connect) virtualize" toward loving bliss bodymind neurophysiology are fascinating questions & processes - -

invitation ... to edit this page/practice yoga :)


would like to digitize the world, or facilitate this ... google earth in 3 D with realistic/fantastic avatars ... to complement the place and movement thing ... a virtual book/film extensibility thing :) ... and vis-a-vis the navigation section of World Univ & Sch's SUBJECT TEMPLATE - :)


New 'Learning Networking' section in WUaS's Navigation sections, with many, new World University and School Social Networking Groups on the 'Subject Template' - - e.g. Academia, Delicious, Twitter and so many more ... :)

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