Monday, June 6, 2011

Copan, Honduras: Beginnings of (organic) Agriculture School at WUaS, Helpful in Developing World as Wiki w Video on Handhelds, Jobs

Have you checked out the beginnings of the (organic) Agriculture School -

also at -

at WUaS? ...

This online organic agriculture school will be very, very helpful in the developing world,

as wiki with video even on handheld computers,

and for illiterate peoples' teaching to each other, too ...

WUaS is potentially in ALL languages.

‎... and in your garden or on your farm...


Check out this related video which mentions how farming in Africa helps avoid the risk of markets:


Check out the 'Conservation' wiki subject at World Univ & Sch ... ...

And see, too, the WUaS 'Primatology' subject page ...

WUaS is looking for open course ware (Cambridge Univ?) online, free Primatology courses

(say, for the equivalent of a Master's Degree),

like MIT OCW. ...


thinks that the people &

first interns that WUaS hires

will all be engaged learners & teachers themselves,

perhaps by
having edited,
taught to,
learned from,
volunteered at, or
contributed to

the WUaS wiki themselves,

and found this fun or enjoyable.


In what ways could World Univ & Sch become a significant job creator -

as Romney claims universal health care in Massachusetts has been - ?

In what ways could World Univ & Sch become a significant job creator - -

WUaS has the potential to create so many great,

academic jobs with schools & degrees

in ALL languages & countries.

( - June 6, 2011)

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