Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mt Nimba, Africa: Both Bachelors, MD, Law and PhD tracks as a MIT/Reed on the Web AND a 'drop out' track for folks to think, Counterculture, Bliss

Could World University & School create both Bachelors, MD, Law and PhD tracks

as a kind of MIT / Reed College on the Web

with robust developing information technologies


a 'drop out' track for folks who just want to hang out in and drop into a cool, thoughtful space,

and think ...

Yes, WUaS already is

and potentially in all languages :)


Agency - or individual, free choice - is at the center of World University and School, where both degree-oriented thinkers, and 'drop out' thinkers, can continue ...

to think ...


sm: "... wondering whether one key sense of 'counterculture' emerges from the idea that cultures themselves are 'other' to each other so that counter could refer to 'alternative,' 'different' or 'other,' and hippies with so much world travel just tripped out on this and flew into counterculture's other realm :) ... looking for references and etymologies that rock anthropologically."

bw: 'Back in the day, "counter" (as in "counterculture") meant active opposition to the powers-that-be and the majority culture seen as fronting for them.'


There are so many bliss channels 'out there' -

talk to your best friend,

talk with your love,

turn on the Grateful Dead,

turn on Yo yo Ma playing Bach Cello Suites,

turn on to Mozart ...

with Youtube and the Web with its INFINITE URLs (web site addresses),

you could spend much of your life listening to your favorite musics ...

HMmm :)?

Yes ...


wonders if poeple have or develop Harbin 'maps,' that are somehow analagous to John Money's (1988) Lovemap idea (a template in the bodymind ...), especially vis-a-vis the Harbin pools :)

( - June 1, 2011)

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