Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mt. Nimba, Guinea: How can WUaS improve on free video hosting for education?, Developing a robust WUaS interface, Computer Backups?, Human Primates?

I'm curious, how WUaS could improve on free video hosting,

like Youtube's and primarily for related educational videos -

you teaching to your web camera,

or teaching your 2 year course to a web cam -

and so that it develops and improves over decades and longer ...

with just simply a 'World University & School' logo at the bottom (no ads)

& lots of room on the laptop or mobile screen interface to share ideas :)

... a simple 'World University & School' logo at the bottom (no ads) in one of 3,000-8,000 languages, or no logo at all, in the name of simplicity

Could World University and School make free, interactive, 3-D virtual hosting possible, and in virtual worlds, for teaching and learning?

... with faster and faster web servers over time, for much growing, unlimited, educational content in the world, kind of like Youtube's openness, and over decades ...


A more Wikipedia-like-plus, and robustly interactive (with time), interface at World University & School - -

in ALL languages,

will be very welcoming to VOLUNTEERS,

and to web teachers around the world,

and especially for idea exchange and learning conversations,

but that will involve financial resources ...


Have you backed up your computer recently?

Two years ago, my knapsack with laptop, 2 manuscripts, & a virtual Harbin in OpenSim was stolen, and I'm 99 % sure I made backups.

$7500 and no manuscripts later, I continue to make backups.

Stop thievery and vandalism in the world!

Thieves and theft are cruel -

but human primates are human primates -

Here's the wiki WUaS Primatology subject

which you can edit ...

with an opportunity to explore these aspects (i.e. theft, vandalism, harming others) of human primatology

which may help show how to change this human pattern, -

evolutionary biologically.

Unfortunately I don't see any of this (harming, etc.) reversing itself in the near future.

How to analyze and reverse these sociocultural processes?

Is all of these a form of common chimpanzee-ness?

What are the best strategies for antidotes to this?

Bonobo-chimpanzee-ness is out of the question for me.

( - June 5, 2011)

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