Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gunung Mulu National Park, Malaysia: Curious about socioculture processes, Individuals, groups & shared code question, Agency, Singing Harmony

... curious about socioculture processes

... a musical ensemble, an online network, this assemblage of people, or that, and why some flourish, and some seem to conflict more than others?

... This is an - individuals, groups & shared code question, anthropologically -

(and ‎perhaps a psychotherapy one, as well

In what ways might it be possible to bring knowledge from these Subjects to inform a flourishing World Univ & Sch?

it's also a question about agency ...

... growing, open, teaching & learning resources at WUaS - .

I'm particularly curious how to make them very enjoyable & relevant to you.

How to develop fruitfully the 'Counseling' page

at the bottom of the SUBJECT TEMPLATE

which, right now, has a link to Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) ...

... where people at WUaS will be able to talk to each other for the same amount of time in open RC ways

(talking opens & changes things),

with the possibility of doing so anonymously online ...

Navigating socioculture processes with understanding is beneficial ... :)

especially via talking,

(which can be difficult at first)

While sociocultural processes (anthropology & ethnography), counseling & psychotherapy

(all wiki Subjects at WUaS -

may all be a hop, skip and a dance BACK AWAY from wondrous

Loving Bliss Eliciting

or the Relaxation Response,

these may OPEN the way to exploring these, as well as much else -

ah, language :)
( ?)


Folk Festival at 30th and Geary Streets in San Francisco ...

lots of musical instruments and people making music :) ....

How to get the improv jamming for ALL instruments up & running at WUaS,

instrument page by instrument page?

... where you could click through to a jam in a virtual world,

with all the related musical innovations we'll make :)


Barbershop quartet workshop (at this Folk Festival)

... with a lot of face to face singing ...

I hope WUaS can make this happen live in virtual worlds ...

I'm adding a Barber Shop quartet page at WUaS ...

click through to the Music School

... good jamming - 11 instruments - and dancing out in the parking lot ... :)

‎... lots of trippy faces here - not sure why :)

( - June 26, 2011)

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