Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jeju Volcanic Islands & Lava Tubes, Korea: WUaS will prioritize for DESIGN (think Apple) & robust info. tech. development, in hiring, esp. +

World Univ & Sch will prioritize for DESIGN (think Apple for design),

ENGINEERING (think Google & Samsung), as well as

robust information technological development,

in hiring, especially,

as we aim for a billion Universitians on the SCHOOL, idea, social network side of WUaS - -

and for around 100 undergraduate students on the UNIVERSITY, free, degree-granting side, first ...


added the free TextWrangler (for html editing) and Filezilla (for file transfer) to World Univ & Sch's wiki, free Web Page Design and Production subject page - here: - as well as - with many, other, free, web teaching & learning resources


Andre Breton's Surrealist Manifesto (1924) - read the text here - - an early instantiation of the virtual, in far-reaching, western, French ways? ... :)

‎'Drawing' wiki, Subject page at WUaS ... or - Andre Breton, how to incorporate 'psychic automatism' that Surrealistic direct link between thought/brain and expression/art? :)

- it might have been fun to have been a surreallist in Paris in the 1920s ... ... Harbinger of the freedom of the '60s? How to incorporate 'psychic automatism' in WUaS ... or - Andre Breton :)

There's much freedom & creativity in surrealist thinking & art ... :)


Omega 3 fatty acids (e.g. 1000 mgs of flax seed oil a few times per day) seem to have many beneficial effects on many people - . Here's a wiki web page at World Univ & Sch for research, teaching & learning about them, especially science. In what ways is it possible to synthesize, for example, the molecules of these fatty acids with molecules of other things?

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