Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles: Carbon Markets, Global Warming and Climate Change, Quaker Kids as first WUaS students in 2014?, Gould playing Bach

Good news: Carbon markets in US and Europe are 'there,' it seems, which is great as a mechanism for managing global warming -

U.S. and Europe Battle Over Airline Carbon Fees​article?a=821682

- will look to add to 'Ocean and Climate Change Management Plan' wiki Subject http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Subjects at WUaS.

CL: Need carbon taxes too.

JS: The easiest way to send less carbon into the air is to not demand so many consumer products and electricity. Use less, much less. Not many people in the USA seem serious about using less.


agreed ... financial mechanisms for environmental challenges arise in quirky ways ... I suppose this is a kind of carbon tax. And small is beautiful, and voluntary simplicity, both have great merit, perhaps in conjunction with technological innovation and education (eg http://worlduniversity.wik​​ogies

plus http://worlduniversity.wik​

and now how to develop the WUaS's Ocean and Climate Change Plan - http://worlduniversity.wik​​ate_Management_Plan - with much more sophistication?


Who will matriculate in the first class at World Univ & Sch for a free Bachelor's degree (32 15 week courses) in 2014, interactively online and from home/cafe, engaging MIT OCW with the conference method? Quaker kids/Friends' children? How will WUaS move toward an overachieving student body (who might otherwise go to MIT, Stanford or Harvard, for example)?


A Friend in Africa asks, 'How does one learn at this university (WUaS)?' ... One way would be to pick a MIT Open Course Ware course (there are greater than 2000), read the books, have fun with the assignments ... and then move on to a next course, but it depends what you'd like to learn. (Teaching something to your web camera is another way of learning it in greater depth).


Incredible ... Glenn Gould's Invention 13 by Bach ... ... check out the JS Bach page at World University & School - http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Johann_Sebastian_Bach - where we can add our favorite Bach, and fly :)

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