Sunday, July 3, 2011

Skookum Meadows: Rainbow - Relax in the sun - wait in the light - 3 July 2011

Relax in the sun - wait in the light

Relax in the sun - wait in the light
Rainbow is in the forest
and a'happening ...
in the Gifford Pinchot.

Many folks are here
hippies of all stripes
gathering around the meadows,
just a little lingering snow,
still aground.

These folks are hardy,
all camping,
with so many dogs,
all alive,
but with very little woodcraft.

Rainbow is sometimes so random,
but there's lots of music,
guitars and more,
over shoulders -
wandering minstrels
among us all.

Not very much food from the kitchens so far

There's wisdom here,
and indirectness, too,
and altered consciousness, low,
from substance use,
of many kinds.
The clothes are wild,
and get wilder,
as time grows.

The latrines are dug,
and the dish washing stations,
with bleach, are around.

This Skookum meadow
in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest
will bounce back when
we tramplers disappear in
5 days ...

Grandpa Woodstock is here -
he honked a handheld horn,
standing on his bike and trailer,
statuesque and random,
in a meadow,
while talking with someone,
all dressed up in a raggy,
red, Santa Claus suit,
of yesteryear,
and pointing nowhere into the distance.

At Granola Funk theatre,
people are gathering for
'Rainbow the Musical,'
a Rainbow Kids' show,
in an opening in these woods,
far from Main Gate.
A Rainbow kids' play room, cloth, engine car
with guitar and nice singing
comes through the audience - a
Harbinger of the show ...

It's sunny now, kinda cool
and mellow.
This meadow in front of
Granola Theatre
is filling with folks,
all resting on the grass.

Someone hangs a big sheet
mural from
the stage-left, upper,
castle, proscenium parapet -
It shows a rainbow
over mountains,
with forests on both sides.

Stringed instruments -
a harp, two fiddles,
and a guitar start playing,
some other nice acoustic instruments nearby ...

The G-Funk show begins.
3 men dressed in khaki shirts and shorts
as law enforcement,
ride in on toy ponies on sticks.
They're handing out tickets
for the show -
someone naked runs up -
and there's a little bawdiness by the
toy riders.
A jester stands up
and says let's 'om'
the forest service.
Is this an opener?

Rainbow the Musical
the woman actress asks ...
32 years of research ...
You guys have a ticket?
"Get close
3 days, 8 days in
we smell
get close "

you guys ...
and Rainbow the Musical begins

some flying hula hoops come through
with a hitch hiker in tie dye with a
guitar case
In comes the engine
Ever gone over the rainbow

guitar playing engineer
picks up hitchhikers,
starts singing
this train is bound for glory
and circles the audience

Hitchhiker starts singing
an adaptation of
'Why am I here? from
Hair the tribal
love rock musical



Rainbows wander up and down these forest paths
around Skookum Meadow in the Gifford Pinchot
day after day


... walked up to my car,
and the solar shower was warm.
had a very welcome shower.


lots and lots and lots of folks
with blankets out
in the trading circle - wow.


food circle - big om, good vibe, abundant food


Later I walked long with Anta & Alna, new friends I met ...

She seemed to be blissing naturally ... A kindred spirit

talked for a long time about bliss

came back to a Rainbow angel walk:

one person walks through 2 lines of people facing each other, who love, and say they love the person walking through, in so many ways, and stroke and touch the person

it's an amazingly wonderful love generator ...

Anta, next to me next to Alna - we were giving the love - was blissing a lot throughout.

Nearby a circle of drummers and guitar players were singing sometimes very beautiful 'devotional' hippie music

Around 10 I headed up one and half miles away along this creek, up a hill, and to the road, then walked a half mile to my car to sleep

Relaxing all day in the sun - waiting in the light

( - July 3, 2011)

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