Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lower Lewis Fall, Gifford Pinchot: Rainbow is quieter on July 6, 2011

Rainbow is quieter on July 6, 2011

It's an India festival, in the woods -
tribal - where the resources haven't been depleted, from the earth,
partly because it lasts a week,
and, in part, because this is America, with beautiful national parks.
Rainbows are earth conscious,
and the river, here, indeed, is cold, - from snow melt.

Rainbow changes energies
from, for some 'fuck you, society,
we want to be free' neurophysiology -
what is it about human primates' societies that generates this? -
(not so much in age-old India, though),
to engaging the rainbow tribe,
living in the forest,
partying deeply,
to 'we love you.'

(What are the pleasures of getting high on marijuana?
You access a different consciousness, that's often harmoniously & musically attuned, apart from some weirdnesses of society).

Made my way half way around the big, swampy meadow, with a friend, to Kids' village in the woods.
I hadn't seen this before, thinking Kids' camp was right on the meadow.
Instead, this was a nest in an old old forest, with old light glinting through.
There was a lot of Cameron's Avatar here.
People & kids connecting, and attuned.
Learn from Avatar, learn from Rainbow.
Music emerged over food, kids all around that was beautiful.
I sang, too - am finding my high and base voice ...
have been singing all day, seeking the music.
Often a guitar begins the music,
but sometimes it's a drum.
In kids' camp, today, it was guitars, playing familiar songs, oft, too, from the '60s.
People sing with and improvisation begins.
There are a lot of good guitar players here.
A hippie cellist brought out a painted, Rainbow cello, and made music with.
I left with my friend in the middle, but returned, a few times.
Sometimes I found more music.
At others @ found slightly disconnected people,
products of the modern world.
I get 'Avatar,' long haired, dread lock men, here, not as many as in the past I think, but still numerous,
live it.
This life in the forest continues,
begun, I heard yesterday eve,
in '72, at Table Mountain.
Colorado governor Love, at the time, tried to stop those hippies, with law enforcement.

This life goes on.

I can see the Rainbow Gathering as a massive act of civil disobedience, annually and cleverly successfully, although with less talk of Babylon 'in the air' than perhaps in previous gatherings, but not all such talk forgotten, by any means.

What would this all be like in the French language, for example?

In the evening dinner & om circle, I made some new friends from Wyoming, Samantha Lyle & her mother Julia(?). I later brought two hot springs' books for them to look at, and plan from, for their 20 hour return drive, - when I went back to my car to get my jacket, about 1.5 miles away from the main meadow. Americans, they had a fair amount of Finnish background, appearance-wise, and also intelligence-wise, I think. This was more pronounced when I met Samantha's older sister, Cala, with another acquaintance. Julie took some notes, and I hope Samantha & I will stay in touch.

After the free dinner, and as the dancing began, I talked with someone who had first come in the '70s and who had stood up in the Hipstery Granola Funk sharing the night before, to tell of his experiences back then. He now lives in Seattle, and wearing a big, trippy top hot, still thinks like a hippy, although he probably also functions fairly well in normative society. We shared a vibe ... He asked if I was a sociologist. I said I would call myself an anthropologist at times. I was glad to hear further some of his recollections.

When I went back to my car around 10, I decided to start driving out away from where I was parked about 1/2 from main gate, to avoid traffic. I drove nearly 30 miles, found a place to park, and camped by the side of the road.

( - July 6, 2011)

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