Monday, July 11, 2011

Bull Run Watershed: Beautiful Reed College is quiet this summer, Rainbow colored jump ropes in Reed's library, WUaS Board of Directors/Clerks

Beautiful Reed College
is quiet this summer.

There are rainbow colored
jump ropes in Reed's library,
for folks who have been sitting
too long - very sensible and very Reed-thoughtful.

Reedies at the cafe
at 41st and Woodstock
are reading a lot.

Book readers far outnumber
computer laptop surfers.

Meeting with Reed's president
Colin Diver this morning
to talk about
World University & School.

I've asked him for two years
if he would be on the WUaS
Board of Directors / Clerks.

Not yet, I have the sense.

Our talk was wide-ranging
and edifying.
I very much hope to
collaborate with Reed, over time.

Its focus on undergraduate teaching
is a particularly new insight
I'd like to bring to WUaS.

After departing from
dear C & P T's house
in lovely Portland,
with the fruit trees in the back yard,
and close to Reed,
I drove to Eugene,
for a brief visit & tea
with sweet M & D.
It's very nice to see baby A
and E, A & a visitor, A.

Drove south, heading home to
Canyon, on I5, and camped,
in my car, part way up the quiet
road to Stewart Mineral Springs,
which I had visited on the way north
around June 30th.

( - July 11, 2011)

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