Saturday, November 12, 2011

African Dogs: Inter-language communications' developments, Monies to deserving communities, King's Singers, Pas mal ... Parodie - Publicité iPhone 6

.. appreciating alternative telephone companies with a social mission like Working Assets ...

... and await free, or very low cost, open-source telephony companies, and hardware, emerging from the internet and computing

(e.g. Skype ... Google Hangouts ... Bug Labs)

(For the the modular open source hardware development platform, Bug Labs, see WUaS's Hardware Resource possibilities:

... Perhaps WUaS can help facilitate this partly vis-a-vis an universal translator

(planned, - building on Google Translate, etc.),

emerging from here -

in relation to inter-language communications' developments,

where monies can go to deserving communities, in the process of developing schools in all 3,000-8,000 languages, and related .


The combinations between 3,000-8,000 languages, as WIKI (so that we can add further languages, of all kinds, with relative ease), are many (building on Google Translate, etc. but, with artificial intelligence, will facilitate remarkable inter-language communications' advances.


This is great and amusing

{handmade, wiki world university & school is another instantiation of manual castle-building}


Pas mal ... Parodie - Publicité iPhone 6 ... ... un bloc de bois :)


King's Singers

Nice, acapella version of classic "Down To The River"... King's Singers Down To The River To Pray - :)

and into the Beatles ... ... :)

Here's the King's Singers - Creole Love Call ... ... sweet

and the very nice Blackbird ...


Very beautiful :)

Yıldız Tilbe - Çabuk Olalım Aşkım

( - November 12, 2011)

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