Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turmeric flower: Herbalism at WUaS, Turmeric for Joint Pain, Socially responsible investments, Dr. Seuss & the Arms' Race, Chomsky on Knowledge

added this NY Time's article - "The Doctor’s Remedy: Turmeric for Joint Pain" -

to World Univ & Sch's Herbalism wiki subject -

with its growing wiki resources ... and an invitation to 'edit this page.'


Socially responsible investments are one complementary strategy to Occupy Wall Street :) ...

Here's World University & School's "Investing - Socially Responsibly" page -

... with a wiki opportunity for sharing ideas ...


Dr. Seuss ... read quickly and briefly ... :) ... another story about nature, learning about and lessening the arms' races ...


interesting siren voice from 1970's rock music ...

one friend say she heard this a lot while she was on the hippie trail in Kathmandu in the mid-1970s ... :)


Fire on Telegraph avenue in Berkeley, and that hippie, whole grain place, Cafe Intermezzo (right across from the now closed Cody's Bookstore, - due to the internet? - Moe's and other bookstores are still in business), burns down ... ... The times they are a'changing ... 1960s are way back there ... but Berkeley is Berkeley ... (will look to add to WUaS's 1960's wiki subject - )


Far-reaching, lucid and edifying ... "Noam Chomsky: On Knowledge and the Mysteries of Language" ...

... will add to WUaS's Linguistics' subject - - and possibly philosophy ... ... enjoy ...

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