Saturday, November 12, 2011

Transparent Seahorse: free, online High School classes in autumn 2012 using MIT OCW High School, Free science online, developing MIT H.S. Student Body

While World Univ & Sch may begin to offer some free, online High School classes

in autumn 2012 using MIT OCW High School -

high schoolers doing physics, calculus, biology and chemistry online, for example,

with an interactive instructor,

(possibly for credit, eventually) ...

such courses would allow WUaS

to explore organizing online classes, in general, (for 2014),

to develop a MIT OCW-oriented, online, high school student body,

(and to explore the possibility of high school degree-granting for beginning engineers, too), -

and two years before WUaS's anticipated, matriculating, first Bachelor's degree class.

(In so doing, WUaS could also begin to generate students that might otherwise go to Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, MIT or Cambridge, for example, and thus bring WUaS further into conversation with these great universities in particular:

Want to explore this FREE DEGREES' possibility for YOUR high school age children? ...

Introduce them to, and engage them with, MIT OCW High School.


WUaS would begin to offer some of these free, online,

high school science and math classes in fall 2012,

in conjunction with beginning to provide content/program to universities,

like Chatham University, in Pennsylvania, specifically in -

Sustainable Agriculture,


Law School

in parallel with developing WUaS for upcoming online credit courses,

beginning in 2014,

and through a developing WUaS membership program,

with other universities, countries, languages, individuals, companies, etc.


WUaS is planning for its first matriculating Bachelors' class

accrediting on MIT OCW,

for free, online, interactive degrees in 2014,

(e.g. possibly 100 18 year old overachievers,

eventually doing 32 15 week long courses,

graduating in 2018).


( - November 12, 2011)

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