Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blue-Orange Octopus Paralarva: A little surprised that people don't explore, and rock out on, Eliciting Loving Bliss Neurophysiology, Hair, Cream

I'm a little surprised that people don't explore,

and rock out on,

{with explicit focus and sophistication}

eliciting loving bliss neurophysiology,

in great measure -

and partly as wiki-conversation,

in the same way they might go to a rock concert

{especially Grateful Dead concerts, for example},

listen to favorite musics on a head set,

(or even figure out how to make more & more 1s & 0s flow around a silicon wafer,

as well as spend time on their computers, - as kinds of flow experience).

Here's an invitation to go beyond, for example,

Mozart or the Grateful Dead

(both of whose music is on the above page),

by editing this 'Eliciting Loving Bliss Neurophysiology' page at World University & School,

or teaching to your web camera,

or in other ways you think up.


"Hair" - (Original London Cast) (1968)

(will look to add to Rock & Roll at WUaS ...


Cream - I'm So Glad (Rare - Live 1968) :)

Cream - I'm so Glad - Live - 1968-10-25 - Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX

Cream - Earliest Known footage, December 1966

Cream - Strange Brew ...

Cream - Rollin' and Tumblin'

Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love (Farewell Concert - Extended Edition) (1 of 11)

Cream - White Room LIVE 1968 HD !!! ...

... right on

Cream - Crossroads Live '68 ...

... rock & roll cream froths :)


Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home ... :)


HIAB on New Year's Eve with the Grateful Dead ...
("Hell in a Bucket" :)

Ah, Modernity ...

( - November 16, 2011)

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