Monday, November 28, 2011

Yasuni: What are the values informing World University & School?, Idea sharing, conversation, science, creativity and freedom in thinking, care, love

What are the values informing World University and School?

Idea sharing

and information technological innovation

in the context of, and building on, great universities ...

... helping people through open, free education (MIT OCW-focused for free degrees),

conversation, science, creativity and freedom in thinking ...

And see the mission here ... ... :)

In addition, WUaS values include those similar to Reed College's with its Honor Principle, and its ethos of the mind and focus on learning.

WUaS values also include those inherent in Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cambridge, and other great universities, especially in terms of knowledge generation.

And WUaS values also include nontheistically friendly / Friendly / unprogrammed Quaker ones ...

Helping, pragmatically, facilitate access to open, free, useful, innovative-in-a-developing-way-over-centuries, teaching and learning resources, as wiki, especially for the developing world, are also values informing WUaS.

And love and care are also important values informing WUaS ...


Check out this recent video OpEd at the Harvard School of Education by Justin Reich (3 mins.) - - and his interesting research. I'm developing World University & School, - - like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, and potentially in all 3,000-8,000 languages, as wiki, accrediting for free Bachelor, Ph.D., Law and MD degrees potentially in 50-100 countries/languages, where people can teach to their web cameras or interactively online. I think free K-12 in the U.S. has benefited the poor, but expensive US college is limiting possibilities in this respect.

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