Wednesday, October 9, 2013

California wetlands: WUaS first, student, Application form designed for academic and scientific studies of students (e.g. vis-a-vis brain science as well as in terms of enjoyment research, - and both inter-lingually and longitudinally), matriculating for free, online, Creative Commons' MIT OCW-centric degrees, WUaS's approaches to learning and teaching, Accrediting with the same organization which accredits UC Berkeley and Stanford

Hi M and M,

I'm writing you off-list (from Wiki....) to explore the possibility of developing an online, MIT OCW-centric World University and School, undergraduate, student application form, and in Wikidata for the purpose of long-term research, and based on the MIT freshman application itself - Beginning with studying sex and gender differences in students by name, and in many languages, would be a significant beginning to this, since, in exchange for free, MIT OCW-centric, online, bachelor (and Ph.D., law and M.D. degrees, as well as I.B. diplomas) degrees, and in many languages and countries, WUaS would like to study how students learn (e.g. vis-a-vis brain science as well as in terms of enjoyment research), - and both inter-lingually and longitudinally.

As you may know, WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, and is planning to be in all 7,105+ languages and in 242+ countries. WUaS is planning, too, to seek overachieving high school student applicants (who might transfer to MIT itself in their third year, for example) this autumn 2013 to matriculate online in the autumn of 2014. For planning purposes, here's a little information about WUaS's approaches to pedagogy - (If you'd like to apply now, please respond to the above MIT guidelines in an email to WUaS at

As WUaS begins to develop its application process, we'll also be engaging the accreditation processes of both the state of California's BPPE (Bureau of Private Post-secondary education) and WASC senior (Western Association of Schools and Colleges - which accredits Stanford and Berkeley and about 160 other institutions of higher education on both the west coast and some internationally), and from whom WUaS has received green lights.

An research focused student application form would be a significant first step in this development. WUaS is MIT OCW STEM-centric and will help so many students all over the world.

Looking forward to exploring how we might proceed. Is such an inter-lingual, student application for scientific research possible?

All the best, and thanks,


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