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Laughing Kookaburra: "Stanford University Roundtable: Are You Happy Now?" video, Far-reaching and germane conversation about happiness from knowledgeable and Stanford perspectives

I found this Stanford Roundtable on Friday, 10/18, very far-reaching and germane, and glad it's posted publicly ...

'2013 Stanford University Roundtable: Are You Happy Now?'
(begins at the 13 minute mark)

but I wonder how the panelists would respond to some aspects of happiness I didn't hear them talk about, such as great happiness, and great, great happiness, for example ...

(I attended this roundtable at Stanford in person, and listened to it a second time online).

The panelists are -

Katie Couric (moderator)
Jennifer Aaker
Firdaus Dhabhar
Ian H. Gotlib
David Kelley
Sonja Lyubomirsky, (PhD, ’94)


The panelists define happiness for them, from around 18 minutes:


"feeling good"

"life is good ...
experience of positive emotions ...
def "want to continue doing what you're doing"

"being present ...
having fun ...
a calling"

"loving ...
believing that your loved ...
finding meaning in what you're doing"

around 25 minutes ...
physiology of happiness vis-a-vis stress

good stress ...

Creativity around 37 minutes

DSM 4 and DSM 5 around 45 minutes

Evidence for problems and social networking sites around 52 minutes

Children and parental happiness around 57 minutes

Child-centrism around 59 minutes, as unique culturally to the west and the U.S.

Katie Couric also mentions kinetic euphoria, in passing

Takeaways (around 1:14:00) -

"Support system ...
Life is meaningful ...

"Control in our lives ...
Personal growth ...
Relationships - connecting with others"

"see what's happening in real time ...
cognitive therapies for changing your thoughts, that are still the most effective ...
power of positive thinking ...
changing your thinking is the bedrock"

"How you're spending your time ...
are you giving to others"

"authenticity and genuineness ... internal resonance creates possibilities ...
everybody has tough times - recognize this - and then humbly accept help from others"

"generosity is really important ...
positive thinking ... is critical to happiness ... when we're optimistic"

"developing deep meaningful relationships with people"

(Katie Couric is very happy as a persona, herself)


Here are quite a few World University and School Happiness subjects - 


Here's what I didn't hear them talk about, or what they may have left out, or not been in their scientific discourse, even ... (partly because some of them were juxtaposing happiness with clinical depression)

bliss (as word, experience and brain chemistry)

loving bliss (as word, experience and bodymind chemistry)

MDMA - 'ecstasy' as reference experience

specific interventions that people can do to become happey

enjoyment vis-a-vis 'flow' experiences vis-a-vis Csikszentmihalyi ...

music, and as intervention ... making music, and playing musical recordings, that make you happy

self-generating happiness or bliss, via music or a memory

omega 3 fatty acids ...

engaging humor explicitly to generate happiness

meditation as attuning with one's own biology?

agency - which might be expressed in this sentence, for example, "I choose to experience, or cause in myself, the following qualities of happiness at this time and in this place, and with this brain chemistry"

creating, or changing, milieus or contexts (cultures) for flourishing, such as visiting Harbin Hot Springs, or going to a Grateful Dead show, or creating a virtual world - (the panelists mention eudaimonia, but not as flourishing vis-a-vis happiness, but rather as meaning) ...

while they talk about physiology early on, they don't explore or examine the neurophysiology of bliss

performativity of happiness to create or generate happiness

the role of evolutionary biology vis-a-vis happiness, and possibilities brain chemistry-wise

sexual intercourse, and great happiness, and great, great happiness

What is great happiness vis-a-vis happiness, and great, great happiness?

Seems like this might be loving bliss ...


Dolphin: Profile of World University and School, Project Happiness, The 'Happiness,' wiki, subject page at WUaS, PRESS RELEASE for WUaS, 'Three, main, I.T. foci at World University & School, Music School, Universal Translator, Virtual Harbin Hot Springs/Earth as 'classroom''


Glad they co-created such interesting ideas about happiness via conversation


Could one call this a Stanford view of happiness (Stanford may have addressed some of these questions over the past few decades, and this would be interesting to look at, as well)?

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