Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grizzly: What is a wiki, and vis-a-vis World University and School?, "Information Technology and the Network Society" course

What is a wiki, and vis-a-vis World University and School? Wikis are editable web pages - click 'edit this page' on one, - and change something, to see how it works. In knowledge-oriented wikis (like Wikipedia and WUaS), this means that we can all share ideas, or teach to each other. It's a dramatic change in terms of knowledge-generation, historically even. Wikipedia is now in 285 languages, and we all co-wrote it, and WUaS plans to be in 7,105 languages and 242 countries, as inter-lingual wikis, as one wing in our planning, for open, people-to-people teaching and learning. On the other wing, WUaS plans to offer free, online, Creative Commons' licensed, MIT OCW-centric degrees, - - and in many languages, - and MIT OCW is already translated into 8 languages.

Here's the 'Wiki,' subject page, for sharing ideas and open teaching and learning about wiki itself, as an example - Click 'edit this page' to try editing or to add something.

See you Thursday online in our "Information Technology and the Network Society" course, - - where we'll partly consider Rainie and Wellman's Chapter 4 - "The Mobile Revolution" - in the first hour, on Harvard's virtual island, as well as further developments in the Information Technology revolution, in the second hour, in Google group video Hangouts, where I'll share more with everyone than last week's conference method responses to your ideas in the group text chat, leaving time for conversation toward the end of the class.


Another post about WUaS applications and applying to World  University and School disappeared completely from my blog today. I had posted it twice - both yesterday by accident and this morning at 8:05am. It's good that this blog is being read, but who are the watchers?


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