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Steller sea lions: Conversing with you today in our "Information Technology and the Network Society," Admissions' page at MIT OCW-centric WUaS -, for FREE, C.C., accredited, MIT-centric bachelor's degrees in 2014, Please let high school students you know, your friends and networks know

Hi All,

Nice to converse with you today in our "Information Technology and the Network Society" course (, with an invitation to read Chapter 4 'The Mobile Revolution' in "Networked: The New Social Operating System" for next week. 

For information and future ITanNS courses' sakes at WUaS (both open and for credit), is anyone reading this book "Networked"? Please email me if you are. 

Here's the beginning Admissions' page at MIT OCW-centric WUaS - - and here's an introductory WUaS video as well as pedagogical information, such as MIT OCW in video and information about the conference method - MIT faculty in video will be WUaS's first faculty. And our course is a kind of model for Interactivity and the conference method.

WUaS is seeking online high school applicants this autumn to matriculate online for FREE, C.C., accredited, MIT OCW-centric bachelor's degrees in 2014. Please let high school students you know, your friends and networks know. 

I'm posting the transcripts of today's two conversations below. Think we can eventually put all libraries on chips inside people's bodies, and even DNA, to help preserve and replicate libraries ( - for the future? Wondering about social theory and the information age? Check out today's video - - and the transcripts below.

You are also invited to a Google + group video Hangout WUaS Annual Business Meeting (which is also WUaS's monthly business meeting) this Saturday from 9 am - 10 am PDT (California time), if you would like to participate! The agenda will be here soon -

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[06:53] Aphilo Aarde: Networked -
[06:53] Aphilo Aarde: 3 The Internet Revolution
[06:54] Aphilo Aarde: Why Was Internet Adoption So Rapid and Widespread?
[06:55] Aphilo Aarde: The Personal and Connected Computer Supports Networked Individualism
[06:55] Aphilo Aarde: Hello Sphere!
[06:55] Aphilo Aarde: You clothes are always so beautiful
[06:55] Sphere Galaxy: Merry Greet Aphilio!
[06:55] Sphere Galaxy: Well.....
[06:55] Sphere Galaxy: I try.
[06:56] Aphilo Aarde: How's weather in Massachusetts in comparison with the Metaverse?
[06:56] Sphere Galaxy: Cold today.
[06:56] Sphere Galaxy: which is kind of nice, as it reduces the humidity.
[06:56] Aphilo Aarde: Differential weather reports are novel in the information age!
[06:56] Aphilo Aarde: Autumn colors?
[06:56] Sphere Galaxy: Hehehe
[06:56] Aphilo Aarde: :)
[06:56] Sphere Galaxy: Beginning, yes.
[06:57] Sphere Galaxy: Trying to remember.....CA?
[06:57] Aphilo Aarde: Avatars are developing ... yours nodded affirmatively.
[06:57] Aphilo Aarde: SF Bay Area ...
[06:57] Sphere Galaxy: kkkk
[06:58] Aphilo Aarde: sun is just coming up and the 10 months of sun are coming to an end ... with hints of the rainy season ahead
[06:58] Sphere Galaxy: Well....This one doesn't change much anymore, but there has been a change in the viewer so that I have to edit my hair every time I login.
[06:58] Sphere Galaxy: Mud SLides.
[06:58] Aphilo Aarde: :)
[06:59] Aphilo Aarde: differential RL/MV (Real life / Metaverse or Multiverse) weather creates new hair creative opportunities :)
[06:59] Sphere Galaxy: Hehehe
[07:00] Aphilo Aarde: What did you study at MIT ... major in, if those are relevant words?
[07:00] Sphere Galaxy: I have LOTs of hair. I particularly like Calico's hair, but it seems the new viewer doesn't
[07:01] Aphilo Aarde: Have you ever seen or produced a version of "Hair: The Tribal Love Rock Musical" from the late 60s in SL or in the MV? ... could be fun ... except for viewer updates
[07:01] Sphere Galaxy: Well....I started in 6.3 -- Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, but I found myself Hunting down profs in all sorts of strange corners.
[07:01] Sphere Galaxy: Interhuman communication via computers was not a field of study at the time.
[07:02] Aphilo Aarde: unis are amazing that way ... and MIT in the 60s and Boston probably particuarly so
[07:02] Sphere Galaxy: 70s.
[07:02] Sphere Galaxy: I think I started in 70....
[07:02] Sphere Galaxy: The best prof was in Mech Eng.
[07:03] Sphere Galaxy: He turned my on to Murray Turoff (NJIT) and EIES.
[07:04] Sphere Galaxy: I was also playing with lots of cables and little controls with knobs.......first attempt are real time response from the audiance.
[07:04] Aphilo Aarde: that's a wiki WUaS subject on Interspecies Communication
[07:04] Aphilo Aarde: So Murray Turoff was at MIT before heading to NJIT?
[07:05] Sphere Galaxy: I was interested specifically in Computer mediated collective decisionmaking.
[07:05] Sphere Galaxy: Pure Democracy. by so me other name.
[07:05] Sphere Galaxy: some
[07:05] Aphilo Aarde: interactivity's emergence - digitally and technologically - are so fascinating
[07:06] Sphere Galaxy: No.....Murray Turoff was at NJIT.
[07:06] Aphilo Aarde: Example?
[07:06] Aphilo Aarde: ok
[07:06] Sphere Galaxy: But another ex prof was also an ex state legislator....
[07:06] Sphere Galaxy: his name will come to me eventually.
[07:07] Aphilo Aarde: of "Computer mediated collective decisionmaking. ... 
[07:05] Sphere Galaxy: Pure Democracy. "
[07:07] Sphere Galaxy: I spent a year at the Mass state house writing one page explainations of technical problems and playing with EIES.
[07:09] Sphere Galaxy: As soon as I sat down at my first "computer you can play with" (a PDP-11) I started trying to write a program for people to comment on each other's writing.
[07:09] Sphere Galaxy: Wanted to come up with some way for everyone to write the laws.
[07:09] Aphilo Aarde: TCP/IP protocols were all written from 1973-79 ... so you would be conceiving of all of this prior to the those information technologies that made the distributed internet possible ...
[07:10] Sphere Galaxy: Pretty much....when I started work the Internet was something DARPA was up to.
[07:10] Aphilo Aarde: wonder how the technologies you were working on influenced what you were writing pre-dating TCP/IP for ex.
[07:11] Sphere Galaxy: I was writing line drivers that used PDP-11s as front ends to ISM Mainframes -- mostly in banks.
[07:11] Aphilo Aarde: you've lived the information revolution
[07:12] Sphere Galaxy: In 1980 (Jan 1) I started working at Computer Corporation of America on Comet-11. That was the first Commercial email system. It was centralized.
[07:12] Sphere Galaxy: I kind of missed it in some ways.
[07:12] Aphilo Aarde: I've been curious about how we might create wiki law opportunities ... blogged about this a few years ago I think
[07:13] Sphere Galaxy: I was working ix an X.25 environment when The Interent came along with SMTP and killed the Industry.
[07:13] Sphere Galaxy: Lessig.....Berkman....
[07:14] Aphilo Aarde: PINE pre-dates that commercial email system by a few years, I guess ... as well as other early UNIX email systems
[07:14] Aphilo Aarde: :(
[07:14] Sphere Galaxy: During the first of the Copyright wars I went to a Hall in Harvard and listened to Lessig't remember his name.
[07:14] Aphilo Aarde: and POP occurred around that time ...
[07:14] Sphere Galaxy: THE MPAA.
[07:14] Aphilo Aarde: Lessig ... Berkman?
[07:14] Sphere Galaxy: POP is a connection protocol for SMTP
[07:15] Aphilo Aarde: ok
[07:15] Sphere Galaxy: Lawence Lessig.....a constitutional lawyer.
[07:15] Aphilo Aarde: Are you jumping 3 decades from your interesting history in the info age to the past 10 years?
[07:16] Aphilo Aarde: Yes ... I've met Larry but not Miles sp?)
[07:16] Sphere Galaxy: Um.....THis would have been earlier.
[07:16] Sphere Galaxy: About the time of the beginning of the opensource movement....
[07:16] Aphilo Aarde: I didn't realize Lessig was active around 1980
[07:17] Aphilo Aarde: ok
[07:17] Sphere Galaxy: Let's son was trying to visit every Web page about then.....
[07:17] Aphilo Aarde: :)
[07:17] Sphere Galaxy: No.....1990s....early
[07:17] Aphilo Aarde: doable probably ...
[07:17] Sphere Galaxy: 93?
[07:18] Sphere Galaxy: My son realized that the number of pages was growing faster than he could visit.
[07:18] Sphere Galaxy: If he'd started a few months earlier he might have made it.
[07:19] Aphilo Aarde: archives emerge out of such developments ... was your son involved in creating access to growing web pages? ... like the Way Back Machine ... is your son a programmer?
[07:19] Sphere Galaxy: He was born in would have been about 1991 or 92 when I cam home and found my computer turned into a BBS.
[07:20] Sphere Galaxy: son is.....a lost soul....
[07:20] Aphilo Aarde: viewing the growth of web pages is a big wave to surf :)
[07:20] Sphere Galaxy: He certainly knows how to program.
[07:20] Aphilo Aarde: Alas ... and your computer became a Bulletin Board System ... alas as well
[07:20] Sphere Galaxy: but he cannot deal with people.....Aspberger's.
[07:20] Aphilo Aarde: alas
[07:21] Sphere Galaxy: Well.....
[07:21] Sphere Galaxy: I was off on a side thread while the Internet, SMTP, and the Web were born.
[07:22] Sphere Galaxy: PUlled over to it in the mid 1990s
[07:22] Aphilo Aarde: (Did you happen to know at MIT in the early 1970s Brent Hall, who was a student there, and also in this course in around 2007, and who lives in the Boston area? )
[07:22] Sphere Galaxy: as Other email systems died.
[07:22] Aphilo Aarde: Yes, please continue?
[07:23] Sphere Galaxy: I don't think so...but I am terrible with names.
[07:23] Sphere Galaxy: I might have known him slightly.
[07:23] Aphilo Aarde: ok
[07:23] Aphilo Aarde: early email?
[07:23] Sphere Galaxy: was "Electronic Messaging"
[07:24] Sphere Galaxy: the feature of the Post Office was real.
[07:24] Sphere Galaxy: feat
[07:24] Sphere Galaxy: fear....sigh
[07:24] Sphere Galaxy: The fear.......
[07:24] Aphilo Aarde: Per our "Networked" book which also offers a history of some of the early developments of the internet in Chapter 3,
[07:24] Sphere Galaxy: We also had someone from No Such Agency (or maybe Military intelligence) come visit once.....
[07:25] Sphere Galaxy: Yes
[07:25] Sphere Galaxy: It was fairly late we started actually calling it mail.
[07:25] Aphilo Aarde: From Wikipedia "Electronic mail predates the inception of the Internet and was in fact a crucial tool in creating it,[5] but the history of modern, global Internet email services reaches back to the early ARPANET. Standards for encoding email messages were proposed as early as 1973 (RFC 561). Conversion from ARPANET to the Internet in the early 1980s produced the core of the current services. An email sent in the early 1970s looks quite similar to a basic text message sent on the Internet today."  ...
[07:25] Sphere Galaxy: We told them our system couldn't divert messages that contained specific words; which was true.
[07:26] Sphere Galaxy: YOu do understand the Internet means between the networks?
[07:26] Aphilo Aarde: interesting ... and that the USPO as network and global public postal communications are all separate networks.
[07:26] Sphere Galaxy: All the networks in question are dead.
[07:27] Sphere Galaxy: I knew X.400 was a loss, but I was working on it when SMTP crushed the commercial email.
[07:27] Aphilo Aarde: yes ... and literally ... but you lived the context out of which 'internet' developed ... given all the co-networks
[07:28] Sphere Galaxy: Yes....we were connecting 90 terminals to a PDP-11; which was unheard of in those days.
[07:29] Sphere Galaxy: THen I was finding ways to moving messages between systems because one database wasn't enough for the traffic.
[07:29] Aphilo Aarde: the leaps and bounds of the internet are astounding (when do you think or know we'll get real real time for music jamming for example on the internet?)
[07:29] Sphere Galaxy: WHile I was busy earning a living my field suddenlt happened in Switzerland.
[07:29] Sphere Galaxy: suddenly
[07:29] Aphilo Aarde: fun to live and program such innovations :)
[07:30] Aphilo Aarde: which field?
[07:30] Sphere Galaxy: um....we seem to have no one else.....
[07:30] Sphere Galaxy: Now called "The Web"
[07:30] Aphilo Aarde: The PDP-11 was big ...
[07:31] Sphere Galaxy: Interhuman communication via computer.
[07:31] Sphere Galaxy: Died a corporate death.....
[07:31] Sphere Galaxy: the PDP-11 was the best design for a computer....
[07:31] Aphilo Aarde: nothing human brain to human brain back then to speak of? ...
[07:31] Sphere Galaxy: Everyone tried to copy it and failed...including Digital.
[07:31] Aphilo Aarde: because?
[07:32] Sphere Galaxy: Computers were just becoming cheap enough to even imagine that.
[07:32] Sphere Galaxy: Because the PDP-11 was designed by mathematicians.
[07:33] Sphere Galaxy: SOmeone knew their group theory.
[07:33] Aphilo Aarde: (Just added an interesting Harvard article about direct human brain to mouse brain connectivity here - )
[07:33] Aphilo Aarde: group theory influenced what programming-wise or design-wise?
[07:34] Sphere Galaxy: Have to look at it.....but that isn't the right way to think of the future.
[07:34] Aphilo Aarde: (but I haven't seen human to human brain connectivity examples yet, and also not with a brain wave headset, for ex)
[07:34] Sphere Galaxy: It won't be brain to brain ... as in wetware.
[07:35] Sphere Galaxy: It will be a merging of "wetware" and "hardware"
[07:35] Sphere Galaxy: That is, assuming civilization doesn't collapse.
[07:35] Aphilo Aarde: This is wetware - hardware brain to brain connectivity  ... Anthony, Sebastian. 2013. Harvard creates brain-to-brain interface, allows humans to control other animals with thoughts alone. July 31. ...
[07:36] Sphere Galaxy: If civilization doesn't collapse then the die has been cast.
[07:36] Aphilo Aarde: with a picture ...
[07:36] Sphere Galaxy: hehehe
[07:37] Aphilo Aarde: and I don't think any of the mammals involved were harmed ... analogously to you civilization collapse
[07:37] Sphere Galaxy: I wonder if they know where they are going?
[07:37] Sphere Galaxy: THere isn't really much of a choice about it.
[07:38] Aphilo Aarde: language ... academic research and innovation and nonharming ... would like to contribute to facilitating a far-reaching conversation between these ...
[07:39] Sphere Galaxy: Well.....there is attempting to manage the flow of change.....and there is wishful thinking....
[07:39] Aphilo Aarde: 3-100 million species with a nearly 4 billion year history of genetic replication ... puts baby civilization in perspective from me
[07:39] Sphere Galaxy: Yes....and no.
[07:40] Sphere Galaxy: We need to push that, for there is still the possibility of the Silicon beast.
[07:40] Aphilo Aarde: And even if you begin with first cities 10,000 years ago (which seems possibly late in defining civilization vis-a-vis language), cities are only growing ... do cities = civilization or something similar for you?
[07:40] Sphere Galaxy: But either civilization collapses, or we merge into a silicarbon being totally different than the past.
[07:42] Sphere Galaxy: History. is is the word for the recapitulation during embryonic development?
[07:42] Aphilo Aarde: If cities collapse or not, silicarbon continues ... as long as the factories are there to produce the materials, I'd hypothesize ...
[07:42] Sphere Galaxy: Everying that went before will define the detailed structure of what is to come.....but it is not at all like what is to come.
[07:43] Sphere Galaxy: cities are not civilization.
[07:43] Aphilo Aarde: But cities for civilization ? ... what's civilization for you again?
[07:43] Sphere Galaxy: THere is not yet a vertical integration.
[07:43] Sphere Galaxy: No chip can generate another chip.
[07:44] Aphilo Aarde: You're so wonderfully visionary i.t.-wise especially ... and perhaps 'civilization collapse' is the sheet music or staff paper ... :)
[07:45] Sphere Galaxy: Civilization is the maintenance of abstracted knowledge..
[07:45] Aphilo Aarde: or the chorus ...
[07:46] Aphilo Aarde: I'd hazard that libraries are saved ... but that WUaS, or similar, hasn't yet been able to create 7,105 languages as wiki, of them, on the scale of HYP Oxbridge / other great universities libraries ...
[07:47] Aphilo Aarde: before nuclear winter ... another analogy for civilization collapse for me
[07:47] Sphere Galaxy: THere are so many ways it can collapse, but only one general path if it does not.
[07:48] Sphere Galaxy: I do not know the liklihood of I assign an a-priori 50-50.
[07:48] Aphilo Aarde: get the libraries up an running on the distributed internet in all 242 countries and in space to save abstracted knowledge ... with enough people engaging these resources ... "Always Coming Home" by Ursula K. Le Guin? ... :) ... all about civilization into the future ...
[07:49] Aphilo Aarde: (and in 7,105 + languages)
[07:49] Sphere Galaxy: Never could read Le Guin.....
[07:49] Sphere Galaxy: Forget the libraries.
[07:50] Aphilo Aarde: (just a response to your def of civ as "abstracted knowledge" ... can be implanted in the few remaining people surviving the nuclear winter)
[07:51] Sphere Galaxy: Any future which isn't a dark age begins with the flow of messages between people becoming the basis of thought for a higher order being.
[07:51] Aphilo Aarde: walking 7,105+ languages in peoples heads on hip chips ... semiconductors ... and implanted in human DNA too ... so reproducible? :)
[07:52] Sphere Galaxy: IN a few years those people start being incorporated into that being.
[07:52] Sphere Galaxy: cili-carbon
[07:52] Sphere Galaxy: sili-carbon.
[07:53] Sphere Galaxy: um.....Either the PC wins and I am part of the being, or the centralized system wins and I am not part of it.
[07:53] Aphilo Aarde: think if we were going to put libraries of abstracted knowledge on chips inside DNA, should be done in 3 million species for the benefits of distribution across life forms, and thus preservation, but not 100 millions species
[07:53] Sphere Galaxy: Not so simple....but the real war is between the cloud and the internet.
[07:54] Sphere Galaxy: Would be nice....but is it real?
[07:55] Aphilo Aarde: we have chips inside human bodies already ... they'd have to become a lot smaller, and perhaps change materials from silicon ... Genomics is a place I'd begin ...
[07:56] Sphere Galaxy: I haven't had time to keep up with Synthetic Biology....but there is at least one poster in my G+ stream really into it.
[07:56] Aphilo Aarde: Wikidata and Wikipedias 285 languages are real ...
[07:56] Sphere Galaxy: I know that is where it will happen in a physical sense....but not so much in a philosophical sense.
[07:56] Aphilo Aarde: Gerd?
[07:57] Sphere Galaxy: Not sure....
[07:57] Aphilo Aarde: I began this S.B. page out of our conversation
[07:57] Sphere Galaxy: I know it's important as a detail.
[07:57] Sphere Galaxy: kkkk
[07:57] Sphere Galaxy: I'll try ot make sense of it later.
[07:57] Aphilo Aarde: Gerd's a smart scientist ...
[07:58] Aphilo Aarde: Let's move over soon to the Hangout ... are you a Google Engineer as well per LinkedIn?
[07:58] Sphere Galaxy: The chips inside, and the carbon filiments outside.....
[07:59] Aphilo Aarde: Very nice to converse ... not sure where everyone else is ... Jessika emailed her regrets
[07:59] Sphere Galaxy: Philosophically, and Historically, the issue is how we define the higher order being.
[07:59] Sphere Galaxy: Most people can't even see the possibility of a being made up of our thinking....
[07:59] Aphilo Aarde: Philosophical Genetics ... oh, Darwin ... :)
[08:00] Sphere Galaxy: THe don't see the beings which are nations, or systems of talking about designing a being which is all of us......
[08:00] Aphilo Aarde: excited for when brain wave headsets feed into virtual worlds so we can co-create duets of conversations, word and image wise :)
[08:01] Sphere Galaxy: Well....we already do it....just with more primative tools.
[08:01] Aphilo Aarde: and the other way to ... when virtual worlds can enter us neurally and not just through the 5 senses ...
[08:01] Sphere Galaxy: 6 senses....
[08:01] Sphere Galaxy: COnsciousness is a sense.
[08:02] Aphilo Aarde: abstract functionalism per Ted Honderich ... as the first current theory ... see his interesting talk here ...
[08:02] Sphere Galaxy: tag it
[08:02] Aphilo Aarde: current first theory of consciousness ...
[08:03] Aphilo Aarde: :) into the Hangout ...
[08:03] Aphilo Aarde: see you there shortly
[08:03] Sphere Galaxy: ok
[08:03] Sphere Galaxy: with luck....
[08:03] Aphilo Aarde: "Metaphors of the Mind"


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Jim Williams joined group chat.

8:12 AM
Good morning Jim, here!

Jim Williams
8:12 AM
You are?
I see I have to figure out how to stop it.
I hear music...from somewhere.
Not my choice
That is Jack.

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Jim Williams
8:13 AM
He is semi-feral.

Bilal Rana
8:13 AM
Nice to see you too.

Jim Williams
8:14 AM
Do we know where the music comes from?

Bilal Rana
8:14 AM
I do not hair any music.

Jim Williams
8:14 AM
Jack is just my reaction to having to have a icon.
this music isn't even slightly my choice.....

Bilal Rana
8:15 AM

Jim Williams
8:15 AM
Um.....I still hear music....
Silence would be good
I think this is coming from G+.....

Bilal Rana
8:17 AM
It can be your second life too.

Jim Williams
8:17 AM
INteresting....I turn off the camera I don't have..
In chat you can have 40 people talk at the same time...but not here.
I clicked on the camera ico turning it red and no longer hear music.

Bilal Rana
8:20 AM
I am from Communication studies. No science.

Jim Williams
8:22 AM
How does the Internet use people?

Bilal Rana
8:22 AM
It is about power too.
Where does the power lies.

Jim Williams
8:23 AM
Yes Bilal!
THere is the immediate power....and the ultimate power.

Bilal Rana
8:23 AM
Some of us !
Are they technological bourgeois!

Jim Williams
8:24 AM
We use it and it uses us.....this is the basics of OPen Systems.

Bilal Rana
8:24 AM
What about technological divide, based on hardware !

Jim Williams
8:25 AM
That divide is smaller than it used to be anyway.....

Bilal Rana
8:25 AM
Keeping an eye on everyone.

Jim Williams
8:25 AM
Little Brother watching Big Brother watch LIttle Brother.

Bilal Rana
8:26 AM
While we happily giving out our freedom and privacy.
I think theory or ethics are far behind than technology.

Jim Williams
8:27 AM
I sold out to Google....everyone else is guilty of theft.

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Jim Williams
8:28 AM
I think Bilal, that the ethics is just fine, but people seem to think the technoloogy is an ethical change.

Bilal Rana
8:28 AM
We are selling privacy for better communication.

Jim Williams
8:28 AM
Hello Gene!
Yes....but I think I ought to get paid for my data....and only Google is paying.
I think Hangouts are rotten myself.
Very bad technology.

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Jim Williams
8:30 AM
Hangouts are a reversion to one-to-many media....ought ot be dropped and forgotten.

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Jim Williams
8:31 AM
He'll catch up.
We can't reduce the picture and enlarge the stupid can Google be?????

Bilal Rana
8:32 AM
They want you to talk so they have your voice record too.
In case you decide to criticize US government.

Jim Williams
8:33 AM
Not too interested in what they want, really. I'll wait for the many-to-many media to overwhelm them.
We are ignoring you. Why?
Have to remember, Scott, that I explicitly reject voice and video.....this is not simply being a Luddite.
He get here.....

Gene Loeb
8:37 AM
I simply want to listen to and comment on a great , knowledgeable person and learn; not considering the deep stuff, just listening and thyinking

Bilal Rana
8:37 AM
I are doing everything to record everything about us. And sharing it with government.

Jim Williams
8:37 AM
Go back to Gengish Kahn or it is meaningless.

Bilal Rana
8:37 AM
In Iraq ?
By American numbers.

Jim Williams
8:38 AM
Not tat far behind, no.
you need to scan them and respond to the gestalt.

Bilal Rana
8:38 AM
You can carry out.
carry on*

Gene Loeb
8:38 AM
I want to listen to what you know, scott,

Jim Williams
8:38 AM
Let's demonstrate what is wrong with one-to-many media by completely overwhelming Scott with with diferent topics.
We won't be doing this.
Bilal! YOu have something to say?
um.........I hard to work hard to get a cell phone which was only a phone.
I agree with Gene....Scott should talk and we should pick at him.

Gene Loeb
8:45 AM
If government opfficials listen to this, what we are saying, they will go insane and need to be hoospi8utlizaed!~

Jim Williams
8:45 AM
You cannot keep up with an audiance that is using text. Responding to us is basically impossible.
Let the current; government listen Gene...they well be fushed by the technology.

Gene Loeb
8:47 AM
Scot, second life is novel, but there is so much to do with this course; I still don't feel comfortable with second life yet.

Jim Williams
8:48 AM
Gene....Second Life (SL) is a bit difficult to get started with....mostly the fact that movement is based in animation software.
I can spend a bit of time, but mostly you will have to just wander about.

Gene Loeb
8:50 AM
Jim, that is what I do majority of time, WANDER ABOUT. hehehe

Jim Williams
8:51 AM
Well....would you prefer a male or a female avatar companion?
I have the problem that I no longer live there.....
Either avie will be trying to find things that no longer exist.

Gene Loeb
8:53 AM
???? where do you live? heaven? Indonesia? toedo ohio?

Jim Williams
8:54 AM
Hehehehe....I live in OSG....but Jim resides in Massachusetts.

Gene Loeb
8:54 AM
I want to visit,

Jim Williams
8:56 AM
(Scott needs to learn to live in a timeless world....)

Gene Loeb
8:57 AM
Give us a set plot of second life-more structure, scott.

Jim Williams
8:57 AM
They may email me
WHat is your question Gene?
It's noon here.....
THere is no set plot in Second Life Gene.

Gene Loeb
8:58 AM
I want a structured plot!

Jim Williams
8:58 AM
It isn't like WoW, or the like.
THere isn
There isn't one.
THat is what is so hard for many to understand....
SL doesn't have that....but there are cultures....the Vampitres....Goreans...
Second Life isn't a game in the sense you are asking after Gene.

Gene Loeb
9:00 AM
scott. thanks for your thoughtfulness, creativity and leadership.

9:00 AM

Jim Williams
9:00 AM
I specifically am not into Role Playing....Though I have had friends who were.

9:01 AM
Terms and Conditions of Life - documentary

Bilal Rana
9:03 AM
Terms and Conditions May Apply (2013)


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