Monday, October 28, 2013

Woodland stream, PA: Friendly sharing ... Quaker-informed, MIT OCW-centric World University and School, BPPE forms, (like FGC, AFSC and FCNL's paid, service work), Quaker colleges, But all of this requires monies, and organization, that WUaS does yet have

Friendly sharing ... and World University and School

Dear Rolena and Lisa,

It was very nice to sit yesterday together with you in our little Quaker Meeting in your home, Rolena.

I'm writing you to seek support in taking Quaker-informed, MIT OCW-centric World University and School to the next step, and in particular in getting the BPPE (Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education in the state of California) written and submitted, as well as raising the $5,000 for this application fee.

Since we talked yesterday of seeking to bring our little Quaker Meeting under the care of San Francisco Friends' Meeting, I wonder if we could also eventually seek support there for this, (in doing further accreditation work with WASC senior, for example), and for all the various degrees WUaS plans to accredit for (bachelor, Ph.D., law, M.D., I.B. and in many languages and countries).

I think this will eventually lead to paid work (like FGC, AFSC and FCNL's paid, service work) as this Quaker-informed, online, WUaS university grows, but at this point, it would be a kind of service of caring and love, almost as committee work, in developing Friendly-informed, online, MIT OCW-centric and wiki, universal, highest quality education. Here's the audio track from my Second Hour talk at San Francisco Friends' Meeting on March 17, 2013 - - beginning with good audio around the 1 minute mark, and with the talk itself beginning around the 7:40 minute mark.

This will not only help and benefit people around the world, but I think it will also help people in SFFM as well as our little group.

My dead computer hard drive (question mark over folder upon startup :( ) yesterday turned out to be a problem with a bracket that holds the hard drive I found out at the Apple Computer shop in the SF after Meeting with you.

Could we possibly please meet to talk further about this this upcoming Thursday, or on Sunday?  Looking forward to talking further about this.

With Friendly regards,


Thanks. Yes, going to Quarterly Meeting was where I met MCK, editor of "Western Friend," who published WUaS's first, paid-for outreach in print -

It would be great, too, to visit the colleges of George Fox, Guildford, Earlham, Swarthmore, Haverford, Cornell, Penn and its Wharton School, - all with Quaker roots - especially for sharing resources, networking, and eventually as our graduate programs begin. It would also be great to visit Quaker High Schools in the Philadelphia area and in the UK this autumn or spring, and also, for example Phillips Academy Andover (where SaS is studying), as well as Yearly Meetings around the world, to let them know of this developing, FREE, online, Quaker-informed, MIT OCW-centric, WUaS, undergraduate opportunity next autumn. But all of this requires monies, and organization, that WUaS does yet have. 

And getting the state of California's BPPE forms in (and then WASC senior's) still looms large, as well. 

Thank you for your encouraging email. 

Friendly greetings, 


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