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Brazilwood: How best to publish my Harbin manuscript to paper, and also via Google Books and Google Library project, for example online, The Quaker "Inner Light Books" Publisher, A Google Book example "Writing Culture" by Jim Clifford, WUaS Revenue & Business Plans, a) "Academic Press at World University and School," b) "Bookstore / Computer Store (New & Used) at WUaS," c) "WUaS Universal Translator," d) "Library Resources" (planned for ALL languages)

Hi Chas,

Looking forward to talking with you after Meeting tomorrow, and thank you!

In general, my questions are 5:

1) How best to publish my Harbin manuscript to paper, and also via Google Books and Google Library project, for example online 
 (more about these here -

2 What's the structure of a publisher like Inner Light Books ( vis-a-vis our startup WUaS Academic Press?

3) What's the financial structure like of a publisher such as Inner Light Books ?
Fixed costs to print a book? How many in first run?
For authors?
Retailers? Plus ...

4) What are best steps for scaling bigger in your experience - eg working with multiple editors, graduate students as editors, +?

5) How could WUaS be of help to Inner Light Books ?

WUaS is seeking to become a kind of great multilingual Academic Press in the sense of esp. the Grateful Dead.

Thank you!

Here's an example of a Google Book by Jim Clifford -

Writing CultureThe Poetics and Politics of Ethnography : a School of American Research Advanced Seminar

Hi WUaS Board and friends,

I think I'm beginning to understand how you engage questions/issues, C.

Here are two current links to WUaS business plans I mentioned on the phone recently for (all of) your consideration -

Business Plan for World University and School, See, too: Dwarf lake iris: WUaS's Business Plan, In the Care of Quaker SFFM?, New Resource Bank?, Planned revenue streams ...

(thank you Gov!)

WUaS's Business Plan's 7 Foci - Updated, In all 7,929 languages and 242 countries, MIT OCW, Yale OYC ...1) Fundraising for 501 (c) (3) WUaS, 2) Bookstore/Computer Store, 3) Governments' collaboration for CC Academic Degrees, 4) Academic Press, 5) Non CC Music lessons and tutoring, 6) universal broadband internet connectivity 7) all-language academic online manpower jobs' source for our graduates

I'll update this main Business Plan soon too -

And here's the WUaS Foundation page - 

We currently have two grant applications in the works.

And we have a beginning a) Academic Press and an online b) Bookstore in the works too.

Our main current goal is to generate revenue soon.

Thoughts, friends?

Thank you.

Friendly greetings,

"baby Philippine flying lemur with mother (Cynocephalus volans): Might Google Earth as virtual world become a new kind of BOOK, a wiki-book even, in the future?, Dovetailing with a) a WUaS Academic Press in all 7,929+ languages, b) an universal translator in same languages, and c) selling this in the all languages' WUaS bookstore ... and d) a virtual Earth/Harbin as unfolding wiki 2nd Harbin book, New developments at Google Books: Partner Program and the Library Project, I'd also like to explore publishing "Naked Harbin" in the upcoming Academic Press at WUaS planned for all languages ... as well as anticipating a universal translator ... as well as anticipating a 2nd Harbin book, and even a new form of a book based on what I'm calling "ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy" and in relation to developing comparative actual-virtual field work at Harbin on-the-ground and in a developing Google Earth virtual world"







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