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Romanian sphinx: A pragmatic encyclopedia/WUaS collaborations with Julian in Romania, "Commun" GDocs' spreadsheet, Romania World University and School to come, an example of wiki school - . Check out the MIT OCW in Spanish and some of the ways to share teaching and learning, WUaS Music School, Open English-speaking Practice in a Google group video Hangout. ... this Saturday August 29th ... ... and please let friends know about this as well in Romania.

Dear WUaS Board, friends, and Julian, 

Exciting emerging conversation with Julian in Romania about his idea for a pragmatic encyclopedia (called mun) and collaborations with WUaS which is taking shape in this "Commun" GDocs' spreadsheet - 

Good planning possibilities here, and greatly appreciating the smart collaboration structure Julian is sharing. 


You are in my circle of people who want improvements in our society.
And we can make them. What I want to contribute to is a practical encyclopedia that would increase e.g. one's understanding of other nations.
Before I build this encyclopedia together with many other people (with which of you?), it is probably good to create two other applications, which should help people communicate and collaborate better over the Internet. I cannot wait anymore for the Internet to mature. There is a lot of good work to do and we should start now.
I've written about such applications on the linked website. But more important are the goals. What do you want improved in our society?
What are the results of the conversations that you have had?
Should we schedule Hangouts about what is important to you?


Hi Iulian Dumitraşcu, 

Thanks for your post. Here's World University and School's - - main all-countries' page - - where each will become an online wiki university for free CC best STEM OpenCourseWare degrees (e.g. accrediting on CC MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC). 

Let's add your encyclopedia and database to each university wiki-wise.

In terms of creating a practical encyclopedia for improvements in our society, WUaS could seek to contribute these focuses - a Law School in each countries' main language - and - and courses on Peace and Social Justice - in many languages for degrees - as well as courses and degrees on social entrepreneurialism - - in many languages. Think CC MIT OCW and CC Yale OYC for courses for free degrees re WUaS. While I saw your - - what do you have in mind as themes?

Creative Commons' licensed WUaS seeks to build this in CC Wikidata's 288 languages. CC is important to WUaS for accessing CC Wikidata and CC MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC. 

In your practical encyclopedia do you have plans for Wikidata? 

This is the main WUaS SUBJECT_TEMPLATE - which informs almost every one of our 720 wiki pages, all in English so far, and which we would seek to build into Wikidata and add your encyclopedia to each page, for example.

Let's schedule a Hangout sometime to talk further about some of this. What might be some good times. 

Thank you, 
SF Bay Area

+Marissa L I and +Scott MacLeod will schedule a Hangout. Would you like to participate?

Scott MacLeod
1:06 PM
Yes, when? Tomorrow morning, Thursday, at 9am PDT 5pm GMT (should verify this) 

Iulian Dumitraşcu
1:12 PM

+Scott MacLeod 9 PDT is 16 GMT. I have added this time to my calendar.

Scott MacLeod
1:51 PM
See and talk with you then, Julian. +Iulian Dumitraşcu  Do you know CC Wikidata in multiple languages and machine learning - and are these part of your plans for your practical encyclopedia? And what's your email (I don't see an email address in your G+ profile)? Thank you. 


I love traditional art and enjoy listening to you play.
Do you understand how I feel when I say that nations can understand each other better? Traditions are to be cherished.


Scott MacLeod
12:11 PM
Thanks so much, Juilan! Yes music is a far-reaching musical language building bridges!


I think I do understand how you feel! Here's the beginning online Music School at World University - - planned for ALL instruments in ALL 8K languages, each a wiki subject to begin.  And as an example of a musical instrument page where we can all teach or learn and via video and Hangouts too, here's the Scottish Smallpipes page too - More music here at another music-focused G+ page - !

+Scott MacLeod I find informed music lovers valuable.
I want to offer cultural documents like these in applications that make one feel instantly interest, pleasure, emotions etc. Many people will come in touch with some cultural aspects with hardly any preparation. (Of course teaching offline will always play an important role.) After using e.g. an encyclopedia of the human society for minutes or days, many will feel the need to talk with somebody or to make better sense of the content of some files. We will work a lot to organize and present the information very aptly, but I want to invite educators to guide computer users. Our communication application should make the interaction with students a joy. I don't promise to create something much better than Google Hangouts (and will always appreciate the people who do things the best possible way), but I have written about many improvements over Google Plus.

I wonder too,   and friends how to generate "Loving Bliss Neurophysiology" via music in a myriad of qualities of neural cascades of pleasure vis-a-vis instant "internet, pleasure, emotions". Here's a wiki subject for this -  - explicitly, and planned in many languages, where we can all wiki-teach about this together. In what ways can we create music applications, for example, for great music-generation via learning as well as bliss-generation via learning. Your English is excellent, Julian. I'd build on something like Susan Ander's "Harmony Singing by Ear" on CD for a beginning computer application (can share some blog posts about this as well - - and in the music label as well ). 


Our GChat conversation:

Hello! I will be here at the agreed time.
Iulian • Thu, 7:32 AM
Greetings. See you soon.
Thu, 7:33 AM
You can call.
Iulian • Thu, 9:00 AM

You were in a call with Iulian
Thu, 9:56 AM
What we write here is also stored in Gmail (maybe only after activating this function manually).
Iulian • Thu, 9:57 AM
Great ... perhaps a better place to type-chat.
Here too is what I wrote: 
World University and School's unique value proposition is that by beginning with accrediting on CC MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC (with WASC senior with their new incubation policy) to offer free online CC WUaS degrees in all countries' main languages, (Bachelor, Ph.D., Law M.D. and I.B. degrees, first in English and then in large languages), WUaS can develop exclusive relationships and networks with all 242 countries.
Would you be interested in participating in WUaS monthly business meeting on second Saturdays at 9am?
How many Romanian students do you think might be available/interesting to take courses first in English online and complete 36 courses over 4 years?
Thu, 9:58 AM
I think it were enjoyable and useful to talk with your team.
I would not estimate this number yet.
Iulian • Thu, 10:00 AM
WUaS's main goal presently is to develop a prototype and so students in English can apply this autumn. 
Thu, 10:01 AM
If you let me know what others said about using Google Hangouts, I may understand the challenge; I would take time to help them start using Google Hangouts. It is not guaranteed that there are no technical issues, caused e.g. by Google.
Iulian • Thu, 10:01 AM
He's a main team member, went to MIT ... and had a number of frustrating challenges with Hangouts ... 
So I'll inquire with him about the possibility of this Hangout on the 2nd Saturday of September. But please feel free to invite friends who might wish to co-generate this online university/encyclopedia then. 
... and thus further generate a team.
Thu, 10:05 AM
Iulian • Thu, 10:05 AM
Just emailed you ... WUaS is seeking to move from the Wikia wiki soon into Wikdata. 
Thu, 10:09 AM
I cannot log into Wikidata.
Iulian • Thu, 10:19 AM
Here's the Wikidata email list - - as a FYI. 
Do you mean you can't get access to the World University and School Language and Nation State wiki pages in Wikia? 
Thu, 10:21 AM
No. Wikidata has indicated that my user name is and is not in their database.
Iulian • Thu, 10:23 AM
One typically does't access Wikidata directly ... only through Wikipedia as its backend database? What's the URL you're trying to access?
Thu, 10:23 AM
Yes, I have logged in using my Wikipedia data.
Iulian • Thu, 10:27 AM
Get on the Wikidata email list and ask there. Many links come through all with various ways to access Wikidata in different ways. 
How are you trying to access Wikidata again? what URL? 
Thu, 10:28 AM
Iulian • Thu, 10:28 AM
There's an option for a universal ID or similar with Wikidata/Wikipedia et al ... or first you have to register.
Thu, 10:29 AM
You mentioned Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi here: I have listened to him: mentions a composer. There was a time when my brains composed classical music; I felt that it was valuable and new. Art is miraculous. Loving classical music, I was used to its phrasing and wondered how I could create new phrases and combinations thereof. Maybe I need to understand Vivaldi. I have written and translated poetry. When I do this I feel maybe vibrations. There is a tension, I am driven. The composer mentioned by this psychologist said that when he composed he felt almost as if he didn't exist. This reminds me that Omar Khayyam urged us in a quatrain to live as if we didn't exist; this dispels fear. You mentioned wu wei. I say: Indeed there is no good in deeds. You wrote that we should let together bliss flower. Let us do it! You mentioned nature; yes, spending time in nature is really useful. I love dancing and singing. Since we have important things in common, I will listen gladly to you.
Iulian • Thu, 2:36 PM
Yes, Julian, conversation is/can be great, and I'm listening to you as well. I appreciate humbleness empathically, but am also thinking out of the box, and wonder how to access the on-off switch of bliss-generation or neural cascades of pleasure - or perhaps a better metaphor is the cello bow stroke of loving bliss brain chemistry - and for 9 hours a day when we choose this ... With WUaS I wonder how we might also measure and analyze this and inter-lingually. Part of what WUaS seeks to do - in exchange with students for offering them free and CC and best STEM OCW degrees in many languages - is study learning in all kinds of ways and science, music and feeling-wise. Csikszentmihalyi's  work fascinates me (I'm listening again) because he develops a methodology - i.e. electronic pagers and questionnaires for one at the University of Chicago - but while I appreciate his focus on enjoyment, I'm not totally in agreement that it's challenge at the right level where one gets into the "zone" and forgets about time, place and self, although this can be delightful ... and often is for me when I'm elicit bliss mostly with music but sometimes with a memory even. 
But I wonder too what Mihalyi would say about MDMA (ecstasy) as a biological reference experience (he may have fascinated ideas about this) but this is one key reference biological experience for me which brain chemistry would be fascinating to understand and correlate with musical experiences, both subjectively and objectively described 
Vivaldi yes and for me the Grateful Dead pre 1980 and classical Raga music, especially lyrical (Nikhil Bannerjee), both improvisational forms, offer access for me to bliss replicatably 
Focus to ecstasy ... but for him flow doesn't occur going to the beach ... yet in my anthropological field work at Harbin Hot Springs the meditative releasing in the warm pool is far-preachingly enjoyment ... his emphasis on challenge/work as way to flow/bliss doesn't seem to be complemented by wu wei (nonaction) for example ...
(I hadn't heard this particular talk by him before, and appreciate the graphs).
I greatly appreciate his focus on flow and his unparalleled analyses, that are humble too in their science ... 
So how to compose bliss, music, and metaphorically too, and conversation to get to out of the box bliss ... Grateful Dead concerts are some of the most far-reaching group (counter)culture generative examples of this ...  
At 5:45 he quotes the composer ... how do you get to this state these days? 
Here's a related focus of inquiry for me: Can landscapes and people we watch and engage and conversations become musical scores to rid with with our body mind and improvisational with each other in conversation even, as in music making?
"rif" not rid ... and improvisationally ... 
Thu, 3:30 PM
We both know Edwin Rutsch, who manages the Empathy community. Do you communicate with him? I have not participated in his Hangouts because they take place during my nights.
I will talk with the GlobalNet21 team of  Francis Sealey ( on September 9.
Iulian • 8:41 AM
I only know of Edwin and we haven't yet communicated. GlobalNet21 team looks interesting. Looking forward to ongoing communication here and WUaS Monthly Business Meeting with you at 9am PDT on September 12, Julian.
8:44 AM

Thanks for this focusing and process!

WUaS's team is small and eclectic ... WUaS's goal is to fundraise and collaborate eventually with governments financially in all countries for free and CC MIT education online. Governments and foundations will do the contributing.

Great grid/spreadsheet to articulate collaboration potentials, and begin a conversation.

9:15 AM
About several things written by you in the Google spreadsheet: 3. (I continue the numbering from above.) When you need translations, our excellent translators, processes and software can serve you. 4. When you want, you can share with me a description of a wiki school. 5. We can talk about a new wiki prototype. 6. I am interested in the music school.
Our education goals seem similar to yours.
Iulian • 38 mins
we have a lot of potential areas of collaboration
Not seeing your 1,2,3 above
3. Thanks
23 mins
You are right; I've deleted the numbers. 1 is Edwin and 2 is Francis.
Iulian • 22 mins
4. Here's an example of  wiki school - . Check out the MIT OCW in Spanish and some of the ways to share teaching and learning. Presently a wiki school for open teaching and learning in a Subject involves the possibility to add open free courses and for anyone to teach to their web camera or add resources, or start a class in a Hangout as I'm doing with ESL on Saturdays at 11am PDT
20 mins
20 mins
Music School innovations for online music-making and learning I hope to move beyond lag in G+ Hangouts .. here's an example of an online Music-playing space in my blog - - check out the video and you'll see Rees (piper) and myself a little ways in.
17 mins
See ... English as a Second Language this Saturday at 11am PDT via World University ... Open English-speaking Practice in a Google group video Hangout. ... this Saturday August 29th ... ... and please let friends know about this as well in Romania.
Google events are great for hosting classes in Hangouts - such good and user friendly coding.




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