Wednesday, August 5, 2015

North American river otter: Dear Quaker Institute for the Future Friends, QIF Publications at "Economics" and "Quakers"' WUaS, "Cooperatives" and "Ocean and Climate Change Management Plan," Mondragon and Finnish Team Academy Blog Posts

Dear QIF Friends,

Very nice to meet and share with you these past few days in Berkeley. 

I've added the QIF publications - - to World University and School's Quaker wiki subject page for open teaching and learning - "Quakers - Religious Society of Friends" - - if this is ok.

And since I've heard much talk about economics in QIF over the last few days, I've also added this collection of QIF pamphlets to the Economics' wiki subject page at World University - - with much CC MIT OpenCourseWare and CC Yale OYC (but will look further into this). It's these CC STEM courses and related that WUaS plans to accredit on first in California, and this Economics' wiki page is also a good example of an academic subject page at WUaS which could grow to 100s of pages, and into many countries' main languages for free CC university degrees - and Friendly-informed.  

And here's the "Cooperatives" wiki subject page - - at WUaS. Here, too, are two links to blog posts - - and - - of mine exploring focusing on creating Cooperatives by online matriculating students at World University and in collaboration with Team Academy Mondragon and Team Academy Finland too from some video conferences this spring with Mondragon and Finnish Team Academy representatives. You'll find them both linked to the Cooperatives' wiki page as well.

Lastly, here are the open World University teaching and learning resources I shared yesterday with L and S concerning the WUaS Ocean & Climate Management Plan wiki subject page -

and a related blog post resource on urgency vis-a-vis Global Climate Change - .

Friendly regards, 


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