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Adansonia: News, Announcements & Minutes for open monthly business meeting at World University and School

Sep. 10, 2016 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda for World University and School

World University and School
{Open} Business Meeting – Agenda (hour-long meeting)
Sep. 10, 2016
9 a.m., Pacific Time

Email - - if you'd like to participate.


WUaS will be a "client" in a UC Berkeley Law course this autumn for a second semester in a row, partly to explore forking WUaS into a FOR-PROFIT, to complement the NON-PROFIT, per these planned revenue streams - Thank you, Professor Kell!

Exploring entrepreneurialism at WUaS: 

Excited potentially for MIT & University of California students and faculty to explore entrepreneurialism on the planned for-profit side of WUaS - in all 200 countries' languages as "Harvards of the Web" and in 7,943 languages -

Virtual earth classroom ahead at World University: a film-realistic, group build-able, 3D, interactive virtual earth with avatars as STEM research site in all 7,943 languages - and at the a) street view, b) neuronal (cellular) and nano (atomic) levels (e.g. like Google Street View with time slider, with OpenSimulator, conceptually, but very precise). 

Virtual earth "classroom" will emerge out of newly published on-paper "Naked Harbin Ethnography" book: 

by Scott MacLeod
Foreword by Nelson H.H. Graburn
UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus of Sociocultural Anthropology
Academic Press at World University and School

- Author gets twice the amount of royalties if you order "Naked Harbin Ethnography" through the CreateSpace eBookstore - - than through the bookstore, which book page will become available in 3-5 days from Sep 8, 2016. 
- With this discount code - EPUEY368 - "Naked Harbin Ethnography" will cost $59.95 from the CreateSpace eBookstore, and not $64.95 than at Amazon, too. 
- Author's page at ~ 

Students can add their names to the form here in applying to WUaS at this time  - ...



Berkeley Law "New Business Practicum" course, 2nd semester - third semester for a $90 million IPO?

How do we file it?

How does we keep it distinct from the non-profit one?

separate bank accounts?

How would we set up an IPO - for a third semester?

Rebecca Lynn -



Treasurer's report

(Now members of Friends Association of Higher Education)



15 slides

We're a not for profit organization - and instead we're trying to give students free education - therefore we need to find a source to pay our expenses

and some of this can be from contributions

but we're also developing a for-profit side and its function is to support the non-profit side

... the organization as a whole is not trying to make a profit ...

Branding WUaS

outreach video

Harbin book in new Academic Press at World University and School

Quakers re outreach

I.T. - and IPO? - Wikidata?

MIT Media Lab junior faculty position (for Scott) and IPO?

ICYMI: Gene editing star CRISPR Therapeutics files for $90M IPO
where CRISPR's Kevin Esvelt is MIT Media Lab professor

Bitcoin and BlockChain

Planned revenue streams -



- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President  
- Please donate to tax-exempt 501 (c) (3)
- World University and School
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- 415 480 4577
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- World University and School - like Wikipedia with best STEM-centric OpenCourseWare - incorporated as a nonprofit university and school in California, and is a U.S. 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt educational organization. 

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Minutes, Agenda & News for WUaS Sep 10, 2016 Monthly Business Meeting

Present: Larry Viehland and Scott MacLeod (presiding and recording clerk) 

Minute 1 -

WUaS will seek to fork and file for-profit legal documents in the UC Berkeley Law "New Business Practicum" course this autumn 2016, in which WUaS will be a client for a second semester.

(As query: How do we file for-profit legal papers? How does one keep it distinct from the non-profit one? Separate bank accounts? How would we set up an IPO - for a third semester? Sales? (On for-profit side New Harbin ethnography - could be, a) first book in Academic Press at WUaS, b) first product for sale in WUaS bookstore, c) first book translated into multiple languages as products and re above).

Minute 2 -
WUaS will create new version of our business plan in 13-15 slides re both non profit and for profit wings, and re 14 planned revenue streams -

Minute 3 -
WUaS will create a new ~1 minute branding video re both non-profit and for profit wings.

Minute 4 -
WUaS will reach out to Wikidata/WMF re both non-profit and for-profit sides and possibly as products re our 14 planned revenue streams. WUaS will inquire about joining the conversation and giving a talk about this at the Wikimedia Developers conference in January.

Minute 5 -
WUaS would like to settle Scott MacLeod's MIT Media Lab junior faculty position to begin on Jan 1, 2017, if possible, and possibly re WUaS IPO (re, for example, IPO re Gene editing star CRISPR Therapeutics files for $90M IPO - - where CRISPR's Kevin Esvelt is MIT Media Lab professor -

(The WUaS annual meeting is on Saturday October 8, 2017 at the same time as WUaS Monthly Business Meeting at 9 am Pacific Time for an hour). 



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