Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ficaria verna: WUaS Translation in Academic Press and "Naked Harbin Ethnography" book in the CreateSpace eBookstore - - in all the Amazon bookstores I found

How to add great machine translation from WUaS Universal Translator - - in the Academic Press - - and translate my "Naked Harbin Ethnography" book into any of the following languages?

Here below my Harbin book ( ) in some of its other channels, with prices in Pounds & Euros, and especially with the Academic Press at WUaS mentioned (as a form of branding) ...

Naked Harbin Ethnography in the CreateSpace eBookstore

- Author gets twice the amount of royalties if you order "Naked Harbin Ethnography" through the CreateSpace eBookstore - - than through A, for example.
See, here, too:


Here's a list of the EU member states and when they joined (

Austria (1995)
Belgium (1958)
Bulgaria (2007)
Croatia (2013)
Cyprus (2004)
Czech Republic (2004)
Denmark (1973)
Estonia (2004)
Finland (1995)
France (1958)
Germany (1958)
Greece (1981)
Hungary (2004)
Ireland (1973)
Italy (1958)
Latvia (2004)
Lithuania (2004)
Luxembourg (1958)
Malta (2004)
Netherlands (1958)
Poland (2004)
Portugal (1986)
Romania (2007)
Slovakia (2004)
Slovenia (2004)
Spain (1986)
Sweden (1995)
United Kingdom (1973)

And here are the

America / USA Amazon

Canada Amazon .ca

I do best if people get my book - and it would be a great GIFT book - through the CreateSpace eBookstore!

... my Harbin book is probably in all 26 or countries' Amazon bookstores in the EU that use the Euro, as well as the UK and Norway which don't use the Euro (but not yet translated) ... all good models for my big project (WUaS)'s planned online bookstores in each countries' main and official languages with Academic Presses in countries' main languages and with machine translation. 

And here are the online Bookstores I've found which carry it, in many, many countries -  

In the EU:






Outside the EU ...

Russia - but couldn't find my book

See, too -




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