Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Rosemary: Auspicious for distributing my Harbin ethnographic book ~ SF Chronicle FRONT PAGE great article on Re-building Harbin, Here's my book in the French Amazon.FR ~ ~ Am exploring Music Play Spaces for Scottish small pipes in group video (as possible model for playing enjoyably other musical instruments too - socially, too - but initially for practicing and then people can become creative with Music Playing Spaces) ... will seek to explore generating a choir as well, MIT Media Lab teaching job on January 1st, 2017?, Exploring in new ways generating loving bliss neurophysiology as playing a musical instrument

Hi M,

There was a FRONT PAGE great article on Re-building Harbin - on paper - in the main SF Chronicle yesterday, Monday, September 12, 2016. Here it is, but with video here:

A year after Valley Fire, visions of Harbin Hot Springs’ new life
Couldn't be more auspicious for selling my Harbin ethnographic book ... I thank the Bay Area culture that generated this SF Chronicle article ...

And here's my book at the French ...
... my Harbin book is probably in all 26 or so countries' Amazon bookstores in the EU that use the Euro, as well as available UK and Norway which don't use the Euro (but is not yet translated into any other languages) ... all good models for my big project's (WUaS's) planned online bookstores in each countries' main and official languages - and with Academic Presses in countries' main languages and with machine translation.
Not sure what the next steps are for beginning the MIT Media Lab teaching job on January 1st, 2017 .. but my book will help.

Am exploring Music Play Spaces for Scottish small pipes in group video ... will seek to explore generating a choir as well ... in real real time. If it was easy, well done and fun - with great music - would you be interested in singing in it? :)

L, Scott 

Sounds good, A ... "Music Playing Spaces" ... possibly meeting online next week at 8pm PST on Tuesday. 

Curious too to explore creating a new Scottish small piping group video genre of music, that's somehow very beautiful music, too - such that it moves people for decades and longer. 

Curious too how to possibly create 4 volumes of College of Piping Tutors for the SSP, both riffing with the existing CoP Tutors, but also possibly choosing some very beautiful new music that builds learning-wise ... and of course explains the tuning of the drones in chords, and the multiple chanters. "Battle of Waterloo" tune works well on both chanters, but I don't know yet whether it works on the A & D chanters together as duet and harmony. 

May get back in to recording a Scottish small piping  tune daily - re the great GHB vpiper Jack Lee's learning technique - when my shoulder heals.

How to move an open Music Playing Space for SSP playing and music-learning PARTY online into group video for face-to-face - so it's partly like the Northumbrian pub which Piper Kathryn Tickell so wonderfully eulogizes in her song about this - ? - but for "rocking-learning" over months and years? :) (R, in what ways does "rocking-learning" at the college-level happen for you at UC Berkeley?) Everybody doing Makey-Makey musically - or Play-ey Play-ey might help re Music Playing Space  ... and yet Music Play Spaces are also for playing/practicing, as I see this ...  re ... 

and here's where I've gone with this re exploring in new ways generating loving bliss neurophysiology ... but people can also make of them what they will  ... 

Cheers, Scott

Hi B and All, 

In terms of Amazing Grace not appealing (albeit it's 5 part harmonies in this sheet music I've shared are a helpful model for composing harmonies for the SSP as I see it), I wonder about choosing tunes in D and A - perhaps Waltzes and Strathspeys since they are slower and often beautiful - from Liz Donaldson's Pink and Blue books - (which you'll find toward the bottom of this page). Do you have these already? I have the sense that the OpenBand musicians on Monday like these tunes in general, and like some more than others. :)



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