Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Canola: Scottish Games at Pleasanton, Ca, Are these/could these all be Scottish computer programs in a sense-uploading video in a realistic virtual earth, Betsy Skrip, an animator / artist - designing MITx Bio courses, JuryX HarvardX course, Previous years' Scottish Games' posts

Scottish Games at Pleasanton, California (Caledonia Club's 151st Games!)


Hi Koh, Ants, Scot, Dorota and Marc, 

Scottish Country Dancing magical car-pooling bus to the Mission begins at Mrs. Fujinaga's around 6:30 in Cole Valley on Thursday for the free introductory class.

Here are some our Clan tents from the Scottish Games in Pleasanton on Sunday, blog post (http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com with Joi-san-Ito-sen in a few recent posts:) from today to follow -

Campbell tent - https://twitter.com/scottmacleod/status/772598211710029824
Fraser tent - https://twitter.com/scottmacleod/status/772598100699467777

Hoping to be hired by MIT Media Lab beginning January 1 in a junior faculty position - and ideally from out here!

All Aboard,

Hi Tegan!

Very nice to talk with you at the Scottish Games at Pleasanton on Sunday. (Your Mom is a great historian of Clan MacLeod and makes the MacLeod tent very hospitable:).

Here's Betsy Skrip, an animator / artist -
https://twitter.com/betsyskrip - who is working with

recent MIT Ph.D. Sera Thornton -
https://twitter.com/SeraThornton - designing MITx Bio courses, I think.

I posted about some of this at WUaS on August 24th - https://twitter.com/WorldUnivAndSch/status/768859475579138048 - and


Could be an interesting direction for you to explore, and also re WUaS eventually.

And there's an open free online HarvardX course with the great Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Charlie Nesson beginning September 27th called JuryX if you want to experience a model of an enjoyable, well designed and well thought out course - with discussion happening in MIT UnHangouts for example. I'll probably participate in this again as well. You can take this course (although you're probably pretty busy) - it's pretty interesting with interesting learning technologies.

Ideas, questions, thoughts or related ? :)

Friendly MacLeod cheers,



I searched on ...
"From youtube videos into 3d virtual worlds with avatar bots"
... and ...
"import youtube videos into 3d virtual worlds and create avatar bots"
... but did find this ... 
... going the other way, putting an avatar into a video from 2007.

Previous years' posts ...

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