Friday, September 16, 2016

Bengal tiger: WUaS in MediaWiki and Wikidata, Re: [Wikitech-l] Wikis back to 1.28.0-wmf.18, the WUaS SUBJECT TEMPLATE - - with WUaS in Wikidata i.e. with the MIT OCW Q item - (and its SQID ID - - and the Yale OYC Q item - (and its SQID ID -, The WUaS annual meeting is on Saturday October 8, 2016

Hi Robert, Juan (Larry, WUaS Board members and friends), 

Thanks for your offer, Robert, to help develop the WUaS wiki recently. And greetings in Pittsburgh, Robert and Larry. 

This Wikitech-l email thread is about debugging MediaWiki. WUaS was installed anew in MediaWiki this January 2016 at the WikiDev conference in SF, thanks to Lydia Pintscher (of Wikidata), Ryan Kaldari (software engineer the Wikimedia Foundation SF, and UC Berkeley alum) who installed the English version and Jan Zerebecki (of Wikidata) who installed the German version. But this stopped working in March, perhaps due to the bug outlined in this Wikitech-l thread, and MediaWiki is still being debugged it would seem. And WUaS MediaWiki wasn't connected with Wikidata in January. 

Here are two blog entries about where WUaS would like to go with developing again in MediaWiki re a) all languages b) student applications as well as c) a course catalog when MediaWiki is working properly - ( - and in all 7,943 + languages (where Wikipedia/Wikidata is in 358). The Wikidata community are getting Wiktionary now working - with many implications for translation. What the steps are for bringing together the WUaS SUBJECT TEMPLATE - - with WUaS in Wikidata i.e. with the MIT OCW Q item - (and its SQID ID - - and the Yale OYC Q item - (and its SQID ID - - and in many other ways, are some things WUaS needs to plan for. (SQID is a way to extract information from Wikidata and potentially an intermediary to MediaWiki).

I'm hoping to attend the Wikimedia Developers' conference SF in the first week of January, and it would be great if Ryan and Jan could again re-install WUaS MediaWiki as well as connect it with the Wikidata newly. 

Robert, could you possibly please begin to become further familiar with WUaS, (MediaWiki), SQID, and Wikidata/Wikibase? Joining the Wikdata-l and Wikitech-l email lists opens the way to a community of coders and potentially for helpful resource sharing, Robert.

(Interesting that Antoine Musso in France who is spearheading getting MediaWiki working again in new versions has a last blog post from 2014 called "editor war haiku" - :)

Robert, I'll try to call you over the weekend to talk further about some of this. And I hope to explore reaching out to Lydia, Ryan, Jan and others about planning to do some of these installations (and in multiple languages) at the WMF WikiDev conference in January 2017. 

(The WUaS annual meeting is on Saturday October 8, 2017 at the same time as WUaS Monthly Business Meeting at 9 am Pacific Time for an hour). 

Sincerely, Scott



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