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Dracunculus vulgaris: Happy Birthday Phil (~):}, Grateful Dead history, GD "time travel" (tourism?) in Google Streetview (without time slider, at first), "Bob Weir & Phil Lesh 3-6-17 TXR," Wondered what TXR referred to, Video and Terrapin Crossroads also leads me to think about how to create anew great energy and music like the GD did in the 1960s and 70s, and re Friendly-informed online wiki CC OCW World Univ & Sch ... and even with music jamming there at WUaS ... and in a realistic virtual earth with real, real time music-making ... (after we can convert Youtube films into 3D virtual world software) :), These folks ~ the GD ~ are still enjoying making great music openly together, The great Don Knuth, Stanford Computer Science Professor Emeritus, "Creating World-Class Computer Science at Stanford 60 Years of Innovation" Th March 16 2017, Gunnar Jahn's 1947 Nobel Peace Prize address to Quakers

Hi Donald and Mari,

There's a little Grateful Dead history here I didn't know, Donald -

And I even started doing a little GD "time travel" (tourism?) in Google Streetview (without time slider, at first) ...

The way this journey began was that I had re-tweeted this birthday greeting to Phil Lesh ~

Happy Birthday Phil (~):} ~ - to and and I started to click through some of the Youtube links. And I found this recent show -

Bob Weir & Phil Lesh 3-6-17 TXR

- and was liking what I was hearing (but not as much as the GD themselves mostly pre-1980) and wondered what TXR referred to. Somewhere in Texas? It refers to Terrapin Crossroads at 100 Yacht Club Drive in San Rafael, actually (I bagpiped at a gig in the Sausalito Yacht Club in Sausalito a few years ago) ...  And in the above article I saw mention of 5th and Lincoln San Rafael where some of the Dead moved in in around 1970 ... (and the Grateful Dead Ticket office down the street) ... "In 1970, the band’s management and administrative team moved into a house at 5th and Lincoln, where they would remain until 1995 " ... so I looked this corner up in Google Streetview and found -,-122.5236213,3a,75y,191.14h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1stmS3y0uHQTZQbY6lGGXzag!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x7a5c81e71ebd8cb8?sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwi22OnYreDSAhVG52MKHSeWBkoQxB0IGjAA

- but couldn't tell which was their house. Looks like there's 5 TIME SLIDER views between 2008 and 2016 in Google Streetview ... not back far enough ... {And we can't convert Youtubes into 3D virtual world software yet either}

Here's the Harbin gate too in Streetview -  - accessible here too (I think the Dead all visited Harbin - some made acid in Fern kitchen there in the '70s even, I've read) ... and as you may know, I'd like to create a virtual Harbin for actual virtual ethnographic comparative research, and at the cellular and atomic levels as well - for something I'm calling ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy ... ... maybe the Phil Lesh and Bob Weir (SFFM's L.P. knows Bobby Weir I think ... ) could help orchestrate this in a great way, and hippy commercially too ...

Thanks again for Phil Lesh's great and inspiring book, David - "Searching for the Sound: My Life with the Grateful Dead" - a couple of years ago ... Methinks Terrapin Crossroads is doing the commercial thing in a good way - restaurant and music - and thanks to Phil Lesh perhaps and emerging out of the Grateful Dead ... which have long done the hippy commercial thing fairly well ... and I'm glad Phil is smiling a lot in these pictures.

This video and Terrapin Crossroads also leads me to think about how to create anew great energy and music like the GD did in the 1960s and 70s and re Friendly-informed online wiki CC OCW World University and School ... and even with music jamming there at WUaS ... ... ... and in a realistic virtual earth with real, real time music-making ... :)

Just a Saturday morning F/friendly musing, Donald and Mari ...  

Friendly regards,


- Scott MacLeod

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Hi M, (E and L),

Here's the great Don Knuth, Stanford Computer Science Professor Emeritus - (and here - and here's the whole panel - (thought I had lost these photos when, after I started to make my phone secure for the first time ever, got locked out, and then had to do a hard re-set ... losing data, but this photo was saved to Google :) ... "Creating World-Class Computer Science at Stanford 60 Years of Innovation" Th March 16 2017 - .

Don Knuth on email, which he hasn't used since 1990 ...

He's great, humble, brilliant and a good soul - was glad to have met and talked with him ... interesting to see what's come of the Computer Science stew of have being at the heart of Stanford's CS department since the 1960s ...

I asked the first question to this Stanford Computer Science panel ... what makes the culture of the Stanford CS department over its 60 years different from the cultures of other great computer science departments in the US for example? Nils Nilsson, former dept chair, replied publicly to my question that Stanford CS was adaptive to the students ... making CS not boring for them ... and Don Knuth, later on the stage, where I met and talked with him, said it was the Stanford CS department's teaching, I think ... they're all really smart and conscious even ...

Below is a "Deep California" further email I just sent to Donald and Mari (friends who are also Quakers, and who both went to Stanford in the 1970s as undergraduates) which you might enjoy ... :)

Warm regards,

Design convert-film-into-3D-virtual-world application - for digital history+

Monday, March 20, 2017

Hi Donald, Mari (and Aimee),

This GD time travel option email and idea found further form here -
- with more about a great Stanford Computer Science panel, as well - and Don Knuth :)

It will be interesting to explore "time travel" re realistic Quaker film (after we can convert Youtube films into 3D virtual world software, for example) ... And it would be interesting to interact with Henry Cadbury as an avatar bot accepting the peace prize at the 1947 Nobel Peace Prize gathering in Stockholm in a realistic virtual earth, for example, if this event was filmed (and I bet it could have been). :)

World University and School has our first committed prospective matriculating undergraduate student to begin this autumn, and I met her at SF Quaker Meeting a few Sundays ago (you were there, Amy!), and then at the WUaS hive meeting space at AFSC / SFFM. She has connections with a Quaker Meeting in Pennsylvania, as well. A little more about this here - - as well as WUaS's updated course catalog ... no great CC OCW Quaker
courses for credit yet, that I know of.

As a followup thought, I'd very much be interested in hearing Gunnar Jahn's 1947 Nobel Peace Prize address on behalf of this committee to Quakers live (in video - need to find this film, if it was made), for example ... and then interact conversationally with him as avatar bot after this (Coders / WUaS would need to write the A) film to 3D virtual world software and B) the avatar agency software (with an endpoint of OpenSimulator / Second Life but realistic,
conceptually ... and in Google Streetview+) ... something like actors in a 1627 English village at Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts - - and - - but in digital avatar bot form to start?) ...Gunnar Jahn's address is one of the most inspiring Quaker writings I know, and he wasn't a Friend ... ... ... Just added a 1947 Nobel Peace Prize reference to Gunnar Jahn's article here - .

Couldn't find a video of this when I looked. Perhaps it's available in the online Europeana Library.

Friendly regards,



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