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Atlantic puffin: World Univ & Sch-WUaS Corporation in a nutshell, CC IT-wise, "WUaS #WorldUnivAndSch hive meeting space ONLINE ONLY #Quakers 10-12PT Mon Sep 25-Wiki questions & ideas @WUaSPress"

Julian and All,

Thanks for your email, and your questions/clarifications! CC WIKI World University and School is like CC Wikipedia in 295-358 languages with CC-4 MIT OCW in 7 languages, and WUaS donated itself to Wikidata (Wikipedia's backend database) in October 2015, by which WUaS not only gained access to Wikidata in 295 languages, but also recenlty Miraheze Mediawiki for free, and also potentially in Wikipedia's 295 languages. Recently Mediawiki/Wikipedia/Wikidata has spoken for the very first time of being in all 7,099 living languages, which WUaS sees as potential academic markets, as well on their CC-0 side.

The for-profit WUaS Corporation forked from non-profit World University and School this April 2017 (with filing the Articles of Incorporation) and is a for-profit general stock educational services' corporation for WUaS - planned in all ~206 countries' official languages (per recent Olympics) as major online CC MIT OCW-centric universities, and in all 7,099 living languages as both wiki schools for open teaching and learning (as well as academic markets in the WUaS Corp). Wikisource, another Wikimedia/Wikipedia project is CC-0 licensed which is commercial (per Lydia, Product Manager at Wikidata). Again Wikipedia is in 295-358 languages and seems to be planning for 7,099 living languages. By way of comparison, CC-4 MIT OCW in 7 languages is licensed which Creative Commons' licensing allows for "sharing" "adapting" but "non-commercially" and yet is planned - and as WUaS's academic motherlode / gold mine.

While the WUaS Corporation and WUaS itself will have to build our own multi-lingual all-languages' communities, there are potentially language communities in Wikipedia / Mediawiki with which we can collaborate. Even their organizational structure, including fundraising (perhaps more so on the non-profit World University and School wing), may be something WUaS can build on; wiki-coding too.

There are many further benefits to being in Wikidata (besides having gotten Miraheze MediaWiki for free) as well.

Please don't hesitate to seek further clarifications, or share ideas or questions if you have them. (L, of whom I've been asking quite a few questions at Miraheze Mediawiki in recent weeks, as you know, is Romanian, and so may be a resource, and potentially re collaboration with the Podio communities of languages; would Podio people in all their languages be interested in glancing at the WUaS Miraheze Mediawiki re development questions?)

Feel free to post some of this to the Podio site you know for further clarification.

Best, Scott

WUaS #WorldUnivAndSch hive meeting space ONLINE ONLY #Quakers 10-12PT Mon Sep 25-Wiki questions & ideas   @WUaSPress



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