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Sweet William (carnation): new Miraheze wiki: World University and School Wiki developing -, Wikipedia's competitive advantages, and WUaS's too - "White-bellied heron: Wide open field for relating to scientist paper writers & publishing new resources too ... ", Nikhil Bannerjee ... Symbolism of the red feet pictured in this beautiful raga?

Hi Luca / Reception123, and All,

I've only had one "not accessible" error message so far, and it happened today, for and since the last WUaS MediaWiki from Jan-Mar 2016 only lasted for about 2 months, I'm proceeding gradually in these regards.

I'd like to add some version of all 295 Wikipedia/Wikidata/Wikibase languages next, anticipating potentially coding for both CC-4 MIT OpenCourseWare in its 7 languages, and CC-0 Wikisource, possibly even for a Bookstore / Academic Press with machine translation in all these languages, - so like the partial list of languages on the left here - - probably. What would I do to add this language extension, please, Luca, particularly for Chinese, Spanish, German, the other CC MIT OCW languages (for for-credit courses) and perhaps the UN languages (including French and Russian), the 4 Swiss languages (including Italian and Romash), Scots' Gaelic, Romanian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Swahili and Zulu, for example?

I'd also like to begin to plan for a new SUBJECT TEMPLATE - (and a NATION STATE TEMPLATE as University template, and a LANGUAGES' TEMPLATE for wiki schools, eventually in all 7,099 living languages) - and while there's been some recent discussion on the Wikidata list about templates here - "[wikicite-discuss] Deletion nomination of Template:Cite Q on English Wikipedia" - I wonder how best to proceed in these regards. What would you suggest in this regard, please, Luca, as well? Examples of Templates from early 2016 below, where nothing much has changed in my planning or thinking - except that WUaS still also seeks to build in Wikidata at a very early stage, which WUaS didn't do in early 2016.

Dario, in responding to your recent Tweet post about Elsevier, here's a recent blog post of mine - - about Wikipedia's competitive advantages in these regards, that seem worth planning for.

Julian, would you be able, with assistance, to begin to build out online CC-0 bookstores / Academic Presses from these emergent technologies potentially - and planning for 295 languages, and eventually an on-the-ground bookstore/academic press near the greatest university in each of all ~200 countries to begin? (Luca is based in Romania too, and speaks Romanian).

Thank you,


White-bellied heron: Wide open field for relating to scientist paper writers & publishing new resources too, since isn't Wikipedia one of 10 most visited sites? - re Elsevier's plans, Wikipedia is in 295+ languages, many speakers of which will also make it & Wikidata's resources better than Elsevier's, defining Wikisource CC-0 commercial ... and re WUaS's journals in the WUaS Press?, Re my Harbin book photographs ...


HI Swetha,

Nikhil Bannerjee is currently one of my favorite raga players, and I listen to a lot of his music, particularly enjoying his music from the '60s and '70s. I have a question about the symbolism of an image in the following Raga Youtube:

Raag Malkauns - Pandit Nikhil Banerjee

What do the red feet mean at about the 28 minute mark, Swetha, if you happen to know?
Is this savasana possibly ? (I teach a bit of Yoga and know a bit of Sanskrit from Yoga asana, for example. Or? )What Hindu story does this come from or what's symbolism here? Not easy yet to parse and translate this image to an interpretation with an universal translator on a smartphone - yet. :)


- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President  

- World University and School

Might these red feet be the "Lotus feet of shri Radhe", Swetha (as in - or

I'll assume they might be unless I hear from you. 




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