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Mataranka Hot Springs, Australia: Making my "Naked Harbin Ethnography" book available at Harbin for guests after they soak?, If Harbin wanted to carry this book, HCC would make around $26 per copy, As I recall, Ishvara, you visited Cuttyhunk some many years ago

Hi Ishvara (and Monsieur Mahmud - aka Sajjad Wyne, and Heartsong),

Thought you might enjoy seeing this recent video about Cuttyhunk Island - which (Gosnold's Isle) I think we talked about even in the interview I had with you for my Harbin book back in 2008 or so.

A Trip to Cuttyhunk

A Trip to Cuttyhunk Island


Published on Nov 5, 2015

Winter House (the big Wood's House - - in the center of the island) is up for sale apparently, with a conversation about this happening here in FB - I'll add you all to this group, if you'd be interested; I added you Heartsong, can't find you Sajjad, and you seem to have disappeared from FB, Ish.

As I recall, you visited Cuttyhunk some many years ago and knew some folks from there too.

My interview with you, Ish, is great - thank you - and fully transcribed and included in my recent actual virtual Harbin anthropological book "Naked Harbin Ethnography: Hippies, Warm Pools, Counterculture, Clothing-Optionality and Virtual Harbin" ...
- - and -
- {And I hope to publish another book of Harbin-inspired mostly 'Haiku-ish" poetry this autumn}.

I don't know if you'd be interested or not, but my book "Naked Harbin Ethnography" has a list price of $64.95, and book retailers get 40% of the list price, so if Harbin wanted to carry this book, HCC (Heart Consciousness Church) would make around $26 per copy - and it could be great advertising for Harbin as well. It's a big book, and lovely too. And guests might like to get it especially after soaking in the pools.


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Here some main books about Harbin (from the Harbin Wikipedia article) ...


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Syzygium: Harbin Hot Springs' Book Publisher - Recent Outline, How to look at my Harbin book as an ASSET, Just heard back from a great sociocultural Anthropology book publisher in Brooklyn NY / Oxford UK that they won't publish my Harbin Hot Springs' manuscript, Here below is the outline as well as Duncan's email, An opportunity to focus on finding / developing a publisher that fully integrates the web, including virtual worlds, STEM and "ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy" with paper print publishing - Quaker publishers with Google Publisher with World University and School's Academic Press (planned in all 7,929 languages)

I found the Harbin publication "Heart Consciousness Church 1975-2015: 40 Years of Living the Future" (which first came out in 1996) inspiring ...

Looked up "Robert Hartley Ishvara Harbin Hot Springs" now and found inspiring vision "40 Years of Living the Future"

Looked up "Robert Hartley Ishvara ..." >'Keep the quirk': rebuilding a famed New Age resort, clothing still optional



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