Sunday, September 17, 2017

Steller's sea cow: Important letter to Katherine Maher, head of the Wikimedia Foundation SF, Heading to Harbin again soon, Thanks to Quaker Mark Helpsmeet for doing a GREAT interview with World Uni & Sch, Methinks we still have a wee problem w machine translation eg prepositions in just French>English @LatourBot let alone Wikipedia's 295 Langs

Hi M,

How was your day? How are you?

Just emailed what I think is an important letter to Katherine Maher, head of the Wikimedia Foundation SF, Stephen LaPorte, a Legal Director there, and Lydia Pintscher, Product Manager of Wikidata - - and who I think helped facilitated WUaS getting our new Miraheze Mediawiki in August - - which you or anyone could edit or teach to, and soon in 295 languages I think! ... I hope they'll potentially "take ownership" of WUaS in some ways ...
including helping the new WUaS Corporation with developing an online bookstore and academic
press with machine translation, both in 295 languages, and even with going public - SF Bay Area would know how this works, and have the resources re finding investors, etc. :)

Will likely head up to Harbin one of these Sundays, with an invitation from Ishvara (himself) and to give him my "Naked Harbin Ethnography" book, with the potential that Harbin might even eventually sell it (and make some money off of it) ... Hope to see my friend Heartsong then as well (he's also originally from Ohio, like you) ... It will my first time at Harbin, and soaking/meditating even, in a couple of years ...

Recently signed up for a Stanford Neuroscience conference on Th Oct 19 - - went last year and it was fascinating - and I hope my realistic virtual Harbin/earth research in something like Google Streetview with the Google Brain project at the cellular and atomic levels will all develop further
out of this.

Processing thru writing ... thinking through writing ... and connecting in a sense (with you whom I appreciate a lot :)


Mark Helpsmeet:
Thanks to Mark Helpsmeet for doing a GREAT interview with World Uni & Sch …  pre @WUaSPress inc


Bruno Latour:

Is this what you meant Mon. Prof. ? "Démarrant sur la subsistance qu'ils font parler, en référence à la répartition du crédit."

Translate from French

floating bubbles, Mon. Prof. ? Heading in slowly re potentially with all 295 Wikipedia/ 7,099 living Langs



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